Industries Served

ISG has successfully provided resources and services that bring innovation to the some of the largest players in the Health Care Payor and Clinical Care space, helping our customers transform their business to meet the ever-changing demands of the Industry.

ISG helps retailers with their digital transformation for their organizations to deliver long-term customer and business value. Through a combination of modernizing IT systems through cloud computing and optimizing the supply chain, we help redefine the end-to-end customer journey to enable retailers to anticipate needs, adapt and evolve.

ISG provides diverse engineering talent to our clients that assist with their integration and transformation to leading edge technologies in Equipment Manufacturing, Engineering and Machinery.  

The financial landscape of the future is defined by digital proficiency, with customers at the core of a new paradigm characterized by collaboration, empowerment and growth. ISG has the resources and expertise in accounting and finance to help take you there!

ISG can assist your team providing resource expertise allowing for seamless logistics management, supply chain management and supply chain engineering. Our customers have relied on ISG to help build ecommerce systems that plan, implement, and control the efficient, effective movement of goods, services, and related information between the point of origin and point of consumption to meet your customer’s requirements.

New business models and technologies are disrupting the energy industry, ISG helps our customers transform themselves to meet these demands. Some examples of energy based resource expertise ISG has brought to our customers includes the areas of GIS Design, Construction, Interconnection, Net Metering, AI and IoT.

We provide staffing services in all facets of our customers resource needs to related to the development of safe and effective systems and services allowing for the safe disposal of biohazard & medical waste as well the secure destruction of information in the environmental Industry.

Companies currently face a multitude of pressures – 5G, Mergers, Big Data – as they try to strengthen their brands and uncover new sources of revenue. ISG brings talented resources that help our Telecom customers build innovative and deliver data-powered experiences to achieve these goals.

The traditional sequence from customer needs to strategy to technology execution can be very long, limited and risky. ISG will bring to your organization the staffing expertise and resources necessary to shorten this timeframe and build a solid team that ensures the success of your customer engagement.

We bring innovative resources to our manufacturing customers with the technical expertise and award-winning support that has helped them utilize systems and data to enhance productivity and reduce cost when building industry leading products that make the world a better place.

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