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+ For The Healthcare Hiring Manager Stretched Thin

Today’s hiring manager in the Health Care Payor and Clinical Care space is fighting a whirlwind of retention issues impacting their approach for attracting new talent to the workforce. First, existing healthcare professionals already had a strenuous workload for years. Now, in the wake of the pandemic, that workload created unheard-of levels of stress, burnout and, ultimately, turnover.

The domino effect is being felt by hiring managers who find themselves stretched thin by having to recruit new high-quality talent to replace the talent that walked out the door. On top of that, they still have to attract new technical talent to the sector. 

How can they rise to these turnover challenges to efficiently meet staff shortfalls, control costs in recruitment and minimize time-to-hire bottlenecks?

They count on ISG.

ISG is the ideal partner for healthcare IT recruitment challenges, helping hiring managers get more of the time and focus required to hire with greater efficiency. As a result, our clients can keep up with the demands of an ever-changing industry and transform their businesses by bringing innovation to the table at the same time.

ISG’s approach for a healthcare IT recruitment strategy centers on working closely with the client managers to address several key questions the industry is facing:

  • Retirement of high-quality IT staff members

  • Provider shortages and new talent difficulties

  • Hard to fill positions

  • Training versus experience

  • Chaos of department-level hiring

  • Lengthy job screenings

 How ISG Responds To Healthcare Hiring Challenges:

 Laser-Focusing On Rare, Best Quality Talent

Screening in the healthcare sector can be highly involved, leading to a bottleneck in moving candidates through each hiring stage too slowly. ISG helps to address the more technical positions in front of the hiring manager through TechSelect, our process to qualify candidates on five different levels: Technical, Cultural, Skills Assessment, Strength of Relationships and Executive Management Team Interview.

 Making Screening Smoother

It is not unusual for ISG to receive a large number of resource requests that demand rapid response rather than a slow drip of needs here and there. That’s especially true in healthcare, where occupations are projected to grow much faster than many other industries over the next several years. So it’s a comfort knowing the ISG’s highly experienced recruitment team and systems can quickly mobilize to screen a variety of candidates for open resource needs in the healthcare space.

 Identifying A Resource That’s Here To Stay

In a field like healthcare that has experienced a great deal of turnover in a post-pandemic environment, ISG’s mission is to locate a high volume of superior technical talent for hiring and one that aligns with retention goals. Getting it right for the long haul means going further than healthcare staffing agencies that are primarily focused on placing people for today. Instead, ISG is designed to also understand how well each candidate syncs with where the client is headed next this year, next year and on the horizon beyond.

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