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RPO – Facing todays Resource Acquisition Challenges Head On

Are you faced with the multitude of resource acquisition challenges created during this trying time? For you this may include:

  • Keeping hiring costs low while facing budget cuts

  • Balancing your resource acquisition teams productivity during the extreme fluctuations in job openings

  • Lack of scalability during High volume hiring events both full time & contingent

  • Managing talent acquisition teams while working remote

  • Struggles with coordination & communication between hiring managers and candidates

ISGG has your answer!

We have in place an established Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) team in Manila, experienced in finding the right resources for your needs.  Over the past 20 years, our seasoned offshore recruiting team has supported a diverse set of resource needs not only for our company but for our clients as well.    

Our RPO solution is designed to meet the specific individual needs of each client.  This includes: 

Establishing a Scalable Hiring Solution that provides:

  • Resource Flexibility in Outsourced Recruiting – Talent Acquisition efforts

  • Easily Scale up & down recruiting efforts during fluctuations in hiring

  • Experience savings by reducing your fixed recruiting costs

Improving your quality and delivery:

  • Creating a great candidate experience

  • Ensuring seamless communication with hiring managers during the engagement process

  • Accessing our extensive candidate resource pool and search capabilities

  • Capitalizing on our team’s expertise working across all industry verticals and technologies

Please contact ISG to discuss how we can customize an RPO solution for you!

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