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Contact Center Solutions – Rapid Customer-Focused Contact Center Resources Deployed At Scale

         + Inbound And Outbound Solutions To Create Effective Customer Relationships

ISG has pivoted their Global arm to now provide integrated Contact Center Solutions for clients globally.

Utilizing our already established global workforce, we offer both nearshore and offshore inbound and outbound contact center solutions to meet any business need: our unique contact center outsourcing model has been proven to work across any and every industry that truly values customer relationships.

ISG provides the technology, staff, training, and operational support needed to construct contact center solutions quickly, effectively and at scale. This full spectrum approach to contact center solution roll-out creates incredible amounts of customer advocacy, data and brand leverage to help your enterprise succeed in your chosen markets.

How is a Contact Center established and built, and what customer contact features are included?

Agents serve and respond to customers over a variety of platforms, such as text, live chat, email, video conferencing, and more.

All of these platforms are integrated into one seamless contact headquarters, to create a truly omnichannel experience for your customer or service user.

We find this method meets the expectations of an increasingly digital customer base. Also, an increasing number of businesses have adopted the contact center model as communications technology has evolved, allowing them to better meet the needs of a wider customer demographic.

What Communication Channels Are Available in a Contact Center?

Contact centers offer a wide range of communication channels. In fact, the number of communication channels has continued to increase as technology changes at a rapid rate.

Today’s contact centers usually utilize platforms such as:

  • Email support

  • SMS/text messaging

  • App support

  • Social media support

  • Video chat services

  • Live chat services

  • Internet forums and communications

  • Web call services

  • Phone call services

  • Call back services

  • Web forms management and formulation

Case Study: COVID-19 Vaccinations and Patient Care Call Center in Chicago

Above all else, we value the speed in deployment of our call center support structures, and have perfected our contact management solutions over the last 2 years, most recently operating a COVID-19 Vaccinations and Patient Care Call Center in Chicago.

  • We partnered with VESTA (Vaccine Enrolment, Scheduling, Tracking and Analytics) to create an accessible, nearshore solution for County and Public vaccine and public health bodies, to help them eliminate confusion around the Covid-19 vaccine, and create more efficient “digital lines” for vaccination appointments and communications.

  • We provided a 200-person strong, trained and dedicated Covid-19 team of customer service agents, healthcare professionals, and tech support to improve vaccine booking and administration efficiencies, optimize vaccine distribution, and reduce unused vaccine waste. We accomplished this through dedicated 1:1 phone support; the provision of vaccine FAQ’s to reduce hesitancy, provision of vaccine location information; and offline customer support for those with limited or no internet connection.

  • Our public-first call center solution was one of the most effective, and cost-aware, ways local public health bodies could help communities, analyse vaccine information, registrations and appointments, and improve vaccine take up – our call centers became ground zero for effective vaccine roll-outs in one of the largest urban areas in the USA.

Through our offshore and near-shore solutions, ISG is proud to offer the following further call and contact center solutions to fit your budget and enterprise need:

Inbound Call Center and Chat Services

  • Customer Service

  • Order Processing

  • Overflow % After Hours Support

  • Lead Generation

  • Technical Support

  • Reservation Services

  • Help Desk Support

Outbound Call Center Services

  • Lead Generation

  • Customer Retention

  • Appointment Setting

  • Telesales

  • Scheduled Callbacks

Creating meaningful, effective customer comms takes targeted investment in manpower where it matters. In our disrupted new normal, teleservices are valuable in creating clear lines between product and people, and ISG has been proven to make the difference.

Talk to ISG today to discuss how we can augment your service to new levels, and improve stakeholder relationships, unique to your business.

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