New Opportunities Across The Map

+ End-To-End Recruiting That’s Off The Charts

As a retail vertical, eCommerce is leaving many other verticals near its space behind, having created well over 100,000 new jobs over the last decade. What jobs are the most in demand? Software engineering is at or near the top of the list, with companies seeking those with a deep skill set in Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby and Linux. Data engineering and business intelligence are also on the rise as companies are looking to maximize how they leverage data.

Still, as is often the case with fields shattering all expectations, with much growth comes much competition for superior talent to place. Across the globe, funding for eCommerce companies is also robust from China to the U.S. to India, which fuels growth even more. This creates a significant concern for hiring managers just trying to keep up by identifying high-quality candidates, then moving quickly to engage them and bring them into the fold.

How do they alleviate the feeling of being constantly squeezed by the pressure of many openings and only so many resources in-house to fill them? Simple. They turn to ISG.

How ISG Responds To eCommerce Hiring Challenges:

Redefine The End-To-End Customer Journey
The scalability and expansion of eCommerce platforms compared to a traditional environment are opening up new opportunities across time zones, locations and teams. ISG Global is perfectly positioned to aid hiring managers in various areas: Operational efficiency for end-to-end lifecycle recruitment, offshore project coordination services, business operations and call center services. 

Through a combination of modernizing IT systems through cloud computing and optimizing the supply chain, ISG is Bringing The Best Together to enable retailers to anticipate needs, adapt and evolve.


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