The Desire To Change Industry Perceptions

+ One Recruiter’s Secret Formula To Do It

Today’s hiring manager for logistics management and supply chain engineering needs more of a cohesive strategy for attracting talent than ever – particularly with the increased pressure to deliver smaller orders at a highly accelerated pace. In light of a climate where logistics has to be seamless, the supply chain must be exceptionally well-managed. This drives up the demand for outstanding talent on many levels.
How does someone in-house charged with hiring and cultivating so much talent pull off what seems like an impossible task? They don’t – not by themselves anyway. They turn to ISG to bridge the gaps between goals and a fully developed team that hits the ground running within the organization.
How ISG Responds To Logistics Hiring Challenges:
Viewing The Entire Candidate’s Potential. Not Just The Resume.
When a recruiter hires for what’s on the printed page, the result can be an individual who is good at managing paper. Not necessarily one who is good at managing people. At ISG, we’re looking for authentic management material in the candidates we help to review and more often than not, we find it.
However, that’s only the beginning. Through ISG’s TechSelect process, we can better understand the candidate’s ability to forge strong relationships, direct others and contribute positively to the culture. A resume can’t tell that story alone. But a series of in-depth conversations with ISG’s team of veteran recruiters who know how to ask the right questions at every stage of the process will shed light on what the candidate genuinely brings to the environment.
Positioning Companies As Growth Centers
The supply chain environment has not always been known for its long career path, but ISG aims to change that from the moment we engage a candidate in the hiring process. With deep knowledge of each client’s opportunities and what they lead to in the firm’s hierarchy, ISG is showing candidates new to the supply chain environment how much potential growth they can enjoy, with new challenges that continually bring out the best qualities in them. They see how they can build eCommerce systems that plan, implement, and control the efficient, effective movement of goods, services, and related information between the point of origin and point of consumption. They see how they can be at the center of one of the fastest-growing markets of the global economy and an expanding industry is leveraging AI, machine learning and data science more every day.
Bringing The Diversity-Minded Approach For Our Times
As diversity and inclusion is a vital focus of many industries, ISG is helping to shed light on those company cultures within supply chain and logistics that promote the diversity of thought from a wide range of backgrounds. When candidates appreciate that better ideas to move the company forward can come from any corner of the organization, they believe they can make a true impact and difference.
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