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+ Made For Digital Transformation

Hiring managers in the financial services industry are operating amid a rapidly changing landscape that has embraced AI, cybersecurity, cloud computing and intelligent automation. It’s a development causing greater competition for premium tech talent and not just among financial institutions. Startups and fintech companies that offer unique cultures are clamoring for data scientists and software engineers in high demand.

It puts a financial or insurance firm in a position where it must convey key advantages about its environment, in the process speaking to candidates seeking:

  • Exciting ongoing projects

  • A wider variety of challenges

  • A company structure that invites the opportunity to learn

  • A strong commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives

  • A creative and innovative culture

  • The encouragement from leadership to explore new ideas

Part Recruitment. Part Employer Branding. All ISG.

One of the biggest areas of concern for financial and insurance firms is how the candidate views the recruitment process. In an era where candidates can quickly take to online portals to communicate their displeasure with a company’s recruitment approach, financial firms must design the process to be inviting at every stage, from application to interviewing to onboarding.

Enter ISG.

With competition for talent coming from startups on the rise, ISG leverages proven communication techniques to show how our financial clients are committed to growth, professional development and fostering a diverse range of ideas. We also link with promising talent where they “live” online, including email and social media platforms.

How ISG Responds To Financial Industry Hiring Challenges:

 Expanding The Candidate Pool

ISG can ramp up specialized talent solutions by utilizing ISG OnDemand, a service offering that sources candidates on demand based on our clients’ applications, architectures, systems, and level of development support. There’s just no limit to how customized and adaptable ISG can be depending on what each challenge calls for, including casting a wider net of candidates with an eye on ultimately honing in on the finest array of talent possible.

 Consistent Outreach

One touch does not a recruitment process make. ISG gets that, creating a high-touch experience with each candidate that utilizes online and offline tactics. All for the purpose of increasing the volume of interviews, assessments and moving the candidate through the pipeline.

 An Eye For Diversity And Inclusion

Being a Minority Business Enterprise, ISG understands the importance of opening up a wider range of opportunities for candidates of all backgrounds and experiences to thrive. Hiring is one thing, but ISG’s invaluable input on onboarding and training in the post-hiring phase gives each candidate the solid foundation of understanding all the options available to them so they can successfully carve a career path all their own.


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