Diverse Skill Sets In High Demand

+ One Recruiter Rising To The Challenge

Many high-profile mergers and acquisitions among wireless/telecom industry companies over the last 20 years have caused many opportunities to consolidate. Newly merged companies typically didn’t want redundant roles, so they engaged in job cuts across the board. That impact on the telecom industry caused a workforce crunch.

Thankfully, good news on the hiring front is finally emerging: As 5G wireless network buildouts are exploding across the country, the industry is expanding into various technologies, creating more potential jobs for qualified candidates in the process. A whole new set of skills is in high demand among network engineers, business analysts, database developers, application developers and project managers, all of whom can play their part in enabling and integrating 5G into company operations.

That’s not all. We see the rapidly growing need among wireless/telecoms to:

  • Fulfill operational processes of every variety

    From the complex ones that involve personalized communication across many channels to the simple ones that involve service configuration and invoicing.

  • Manage remote workers from contact centers to provide uniformly strong customer assistance
    Certain regions can’t necessarily operate with one contact center full of employees the way they used to, creating a need to hire people who can not only work independently but thrive using technology based in the cloud.

  • Upgrade network system security
    An expansion of network technologies with an expansion of remote work can also result in expanding security threats. There is a rapidly growing need for system security upgrades to ensure reliability and consistent protection of the network.

  • Manage and interpret Big Data

    It’s rarely been an issue to accumulate a high volume of new data. The real challenge between the numbers of Big Data among wireless/telecom companies is how to interpret the information and leverage it for new revenue opportunities. The more talented resources with this skill set that companies can bring in, the more often telecoms can forge ahead with a greater ability to harness the power of Big Data.

 How ISG Responds To Wireless/Telecom Industry Hiring Challenges:

Sourcing For Quantity
The state of networks expanding rapidly means telecom companies have a wide variety of projects across states, countries and international regions. The corresponding need to source a wealth of IT talent can be massive. That’s where ISG casts a wide net to connect with qualified candidates of many different technical backgrounds.

Screening For Quality
Accumulating such a large amount of talent for further evaluation can be daunting to a hiring manager with limited internal resources. But with ISG as a partner, we can drill down on superior candidates because we have both a perspective on what each role calls for today and one on the client’s long-term goals. It’s not just about looking over resumes related to time spent in the wireless industry. It’s about knowing where the business wants to go beyond here and if the candidate before us is up for the journey.

Managing Pass-Through” Independent Candidates
Certain independent candidates are referred to as “pass-throughs”: People preferred by the hiring manager for the given role but can’t be employed directly by the client. Fortunately, ISG can manage pass-throughs for our clients – handling contracts, direction, onboarding and more as a seamless extension of the team.

Meeting The Demands of Diversity and Inclusion

When a client must reserve a percentage of their contingent labor expense for diverse talent, knowing a highly qualified Minority-Owned Supplier keeps the momentum of hiring going strong. To see that actions back up words on diversity, wireless/telecom companies will feel confident turning to ISG. ISG has Minority-Owned Business status, bringing the best together to ensure that the company’s mission of hiring those from technical backgrounds comes from a range of varied backgrounds.


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