Soft Skills Evaluation

+ Time-To-Hire Acceleration

Hiring managers within industry-leading organizations may have the ample budget to bring aboard highly qualified consultants, but that still doesn’t mean they can bridge the gap between need and hire. Compounding this challenge is that the best of the best talent in the consulting arena can already be employed and not actively looking for new employment.

Without the proper level of strong candidates for open roles to actively fill the pipeline, existing consultants on staff may carry more of a burden of workload. Even worse, the lack of quality candidates may cause certain firms to “recruit” other staff members from within onto projects. This tends to lead to a learn-on-the-fly situation for many and projects that become fairly chaotic in a hurry. Either entirely too much work is present for consultants or there are entirely too many people on projects. Neither of which is an ideal situation, so it’s a challenge that has to be overcome sooner rather than later. And a group of internal hiring managers can’t face this monumental task alone.

Fortunately, by partnering with ISG, hiring managers in the consulting space can shorten the timeframe from customer needs to strategy to technological execution, building a solid team to ensure the engagement’s success. So they feel significantly greater control and less overwhelm throughout the recruitment process. Take a look at how ISG puts the essential pieces in place to arrive at a positive outcome.

How ISG Responds To Consultant Hiring Challenges:

Seeing The Soft Skills Beyond The Resume

Attitude. Adaptability. Motivation. Work ethic. Creativity. Time management. Skills like these don’t necessarily leap off the page of a candidate’s resume, but they can be no less important than formal certifications. How can one gauge these qualities accurately too, to have a much better sense of whether the candidate will be an invaluable member of the team?

ISG knows how. It requires the in-person experience our recruiters share with the candidate to witness their behaviors, energy and more firsthand. ISG also relies upon the depth of knowledge our recruiters possess to ask pointed questions in an interview format, helping our clients qualify those for the best possible fit.

 Activating A Positive Response From Passive Candidates
ISG’s recruiters don’t settle for a small pool of candidates actively looking for a new job. Drawing from a diverse pool of contacts that can align with current openings, we reconnect with passive job seekers who are frequently open to a conversation. They may be satisfied in their current role, but “satisfied” is not the same as “excited.” Recognizing this, our recruiters can tell a compelling story about the potential role, environment, and future direction of a company to open new minds toward exploring career growth possibilities.

 Accelerating Time-To-Hire
Having various levels for assessing and evaluating candidates may seem as though it would be lengthy. Still, ISG’s TechSelect process is built with the practicality of meeting time-to-hire in mind. Veteran team members have the deep experience and agility to move qualified candidates consistently through assessments dealing with culture, technology, relationship building and more, without ever slowing down more than necessary.


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