Smarter Waste Bins

+ A Pile Of Talent That Never Lands There

The environmental services sector continues to be challenged by the demand for highly skilled individuals without necessarily having the pipeline of identifiable talent to fill crucial gaps. Add a concerning amount of employee turnover and the gap only widens more, with a potential shortage of thousands upon thousands. That’s concerning considering Americans are generating over 250 million tons of trash every year and only 34% of it is recycled.
Fortunately, there is some good news from the IT side of the business. With increased automation taking hold along with technology related to remote-operated heavy equipment, the environment and waste management industry could find staffing solutions through a host of IT-related roles.
How ISG Responds To Environmental / Waste Management Industry Hiring Challenges:

For all facets of resource needs in the environmental and waste management business, ISG is rising to meet the challenge by providing staffing services that are related to:
  • Development of safe and effective systems and services allowing for the safe disposal of biohazards & medical waste
    One of the more exciting avenues for collection and disposal technology can be found in sensors that screen for recyclables and self-sorting trash cans. High tech has come to waste management in a way few have ever witnessed before, including trash cans that can “sense” the fullness and contents of the can, signal a driver based on its fullness, schedule routes and distribute jobs to drivers. That’s right. A trash can do all that. But as we know at ISG, behind that is a well-qualified talent that didn’t get found just anywhere.
  • Secure destruction of information
    For as advanced as our planet has become for smartphone and tablet technologies, we still haven’t arrived at a universal way for disposing of said technologies in a landfill for recycling. However, new technologies within waste management companies are opening up opportunities for recycling and furbishing to be more easily and safely done in exchange for instant payment. What kind of talent might be needed for more of this type of work? The type in which ISG is Bringing The Best Together.

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