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Several key technologies are disrupting the energy industry in a manner that hasn’t been witnessed in decades. Electric cars. Long-term energy storage. Green hydrogen. Fuel cells. Battery recycling. These transformations are creating hundreds of thousands of energy sector jobs in the marketplace. How can many of these jobs, particularly those roles in IT, be consistently filled?
At a glance, the challenge is daunting with the level of experienced talent that is retiring. Yet, ISG has proven itself to be the ideal solution for energy and utility staffing. Rather than being caught off guard by ever-evolving business models, ISG’s clients can comfortably adapt to changing staffing needs by tapping into the energy-based resource expertise that ISG brings to the table.
How ISG Responds To Energy and Utility Industry Hiring Challenges:
Building Out The Org Chart
GIS design. Construction. Interconnection. Net metering. AI. IoT. These are the specialized roles that ISG is consistently dialed into supplying for energy and utility companies. Trends and technologies may change, but the relationships that ISG holds with the talent in these categories remain as strong as ever.
Ramping Up For Project Demands
An energy and utility project’s large requirements and aggressive timelines aren’t going to shift. This means there needs to be significant movement on the recruitment front and now. Still, an accelerated pace of identifying qualified talent can only do so much within a limited pool of active candidates. That’s why ISG goes beyond posting jobs and only holding relationships online. The firm regularly taps into passive job candidates, educating them on the breadth of opportunities before them and expanding the talent pool.
Not every recruiter has this ability to attract both active and passive job seekers, but that’s what Bringing The Best Together is all about.
Room To Think Outside The Box Of A Traditional Space
In a field that can require a great deal of flexibility and options for increased hiring, it requires a partner who offers fresh concepts and alternative models designed to scale quickly. That’s where ISG’s Boomerang USA product comes in. Boomerang expands the horizons of what’s possible almost instantly with a unique OnShore Application Development Center that can deploy close to operations. All this high-quality talent delivered has to work somewhere – and that somewhere is a secured facility thanks to a very agile mindset from ISG that thinks well beyond hiring for roles.
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