An Environment That Demands More From Every Candidate

+ A Partner Who Sees That Capacity In Every Hire

It’s certainly exciting to be part of a company transforming leading-edge technologies in Equipment Manufacturing, Engineering and Machinery. In fact, the demand for excellent IT engineers is so high that great jobs presented to candidates today may be replaced by better jobs tomorrow. But the thought of staffing IT roles to help assist with that sophisticated integration is enough to keep hiring managers awake at night.
Not every candidate is cut out for the work environment of IT engineering. The hours can be longer, the pressure can be more intense and many companies may require a more advanced degree depending on the position. On top of all that, the ideal fit for an IT engineer can feel like a moving target. Is it best to identify a candidate who can design system configurations? Or one who can direct a system installation? Or one who maximizes network performance and troubleshoots network problems? Or all of the above? The success criteria can feel different depending on the quarter, month, week or even day.
That’s why hiring managers in the engineering space reach out to ISG for a stronger sense of stability when the industry gives them anything but predictability.
How ISG Responds To Engineering and Machinery Hiring Challenges:
Offshoring Services To Divide And Conquer
Rather than limiting initiatives to one time zone or location, ISG Global extends your team by providing worldwide support for lifecycle recruitment, project management, business operations, call center operations, claims support services, quality assurance and security provisioning. This alleviates the burden of one location or team shouldering the load on behalf of the entire company.
Evaluating Engineering Candidates For Communication And Teamwork
The IT engineer who can communicate the highest priorities of their work with clarity is an invaluable hire. Unfortunately, not every recruiter understands that. The result can be what appears to be a great hire but someone who doesn’t feel it necessary to convey context and detail to others in the organization. So ISG incorporates this evaluation into the TechSelect process and how well the engineer works with others. Are they team-oriented, independent or a proper blend of both? Seeing the complete picture of the candidate gives hiring managers much greater reassurance that they’re about to receive an excellent return on their hiring investment.
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