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About ISG
As a minority-owned IT recruiting and consulting firm, Innovative Systems Group (ISG) was founded on a unique mission statement: We are small enough to know your name when you call and big enough to deliver.
For over three decades of solid growth, we’ve supported mid-sized companies as well as Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients, providing flexible IT staffing and technology solutions. Along the way, we’ve been able to adapt to the changing needs of our clients, helping them with their most pressing business and digital initiatives. As a result, we can proudly say we’ve successfully supported and retained all of our original Fortune 100 clients, earning primary status within their “Preferred Vendor” Programs.
The Power Of Working With ISG
When delivering solutions and hiring the most exceptional talent for your business and IT staffing needs, both onshore and offshore, you can’t afford to have a slow partner on the recruitment side of the relationship who requires a lengthy ramp up time on your company, who you’re looking to hire, what you’re aiming to accomplish and more.
Fortunately, Innovative Systems Group has highly experienced team members who have been with the firm for over ten years – giving you the consistency you deserve in an IT staffing resource and the stability that’s unheard of in our industry. In fact, even our administrative staff has over 20 years of experience with us!
We’re also built for speed, flexibility and growth.
How so?
ISG approach to IT recruitment allows for quicker decision-making and a high degree of flexibility in regions our clients serve. For every challenge you’re facing, ISG has a veteran team member ready to provide you with custom solutions for outsourced recruitment, staff augmentation, business process outsourcing and offshore technology solutions.
This equips us to understand your primary challenge, architectures, platforms, and crucial factors that impact your company environment. We can go right into what’s important – filling the essential jobs right now and talking to you about the vital roles coming down the pipe.
All the while, we’re keeping a watchful eye on how consulting, outsourcing and project management are evolving, providing you with a robust plan for hiring that outpaces your competition.
Global Reach
Beyond experienced people and a structure to match, it helps to be in the right place at the right time, which our locations enable us to do.
ISG is headquartered in Chicago with seamless connections internationally that feel right around the corner – creating an agile, inventive resource for developing new solutions.
Domestically, we’ve hired people from all over the United States for more than 2000 projects, so we’re never confined to one location or region to find rare talent. We can find and place people in more locations than most ever thought possible.
Internationally, we’ve had a powerful impact as well. Take the work we’ve done with our team in the Philippines. When a client needed a new testing service, we were able to coordinate closely with our Philippines office to get the service up and running in a matter of mere weeks, leading to dramatic growth.
You’re not only bringing on a team of IT consultants used to handling customized requests across the Fortune 500. You’re also drawing from an array of smarter service models such as:
  • ISG OnDemand
  • ISG Global
  • Boomerang USA (On-Shore Application Development Center)
Project management resources that implement mission-critical systems.
Talent designed to scale up.
Even options that keep our consultants close to your operations and entirely in sync when space in your environment is at a premium.
It’s all here.
ISG is Bringing The Best Together to be more than your IT recruitment source.
We’re the complete IT consulting partner you’ve been looking for.
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