Service Focus Areas

ISG has the right focus for  your diverse needs, whether it’s individual skilled experts, full project support for key strategic workstreams or tactical leadership to help you build for tomorrow, we’ve got the right answers to Bring the Best Together when accomplishing your goals.  We establish this by building solid partnerships with your Workforce management organization and Business leadership team. 

ISG is built upon a wealth of experience and knowledge, having delivered on thousands of projects and initiatives for our clients. 

Some of our service focus areas include:

IT Development

Many companies want to be in constant growth mode, but something is holding them back. In our experience at Innovative Systems Group, that “something” is usually coming from IT. There is a push-and-pull dynamic in IT Development where companies with big plans for the future – whether out of ambition or necessity in staying ahead of the competition – have to tap into the latest technologies. Yet, in the same breath, they cannot simply part with the legacy systems they have.
Enter ISG.
To say IT development is a strength of ours is an understatement. Since our very beginning, we “cut our teeth” on design, development and software implementation. Legacy. Digital. Cloud. These are all areas of application development that we have deep experience in, with thousands of successful engagements and solutions to our Fortune 500 client base as evidence.

Our application development services allow you to leverage the cloud to save time, reduce cost, and scale quickly as you continue to grow. Our team is skilled in all facets of Cloud design and development including:
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google
Our mobile application development Services are customized for your unique goals and needs. Our developers work hand in hand with our designers to provide you and your customers with an “eye catching” user experience that is functional and reliable. ISG’s mobile apps team is highly skilled in the following technologies:
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
As if evolving with the ever-changing times technologically while preserving legacy systems in place wasn’t enough of a challenge, organizations can be crushed when key staff members age out of the workforce via retirement. The skills gap that was barely noticeable at one point can quickly resemble the width of a canyon.

This trend, as much as anything else, is responsible for companies putting off the future. They simply have to meet the demands of the present day first by way of identifying new talent with the skill set to update the legacy systems and networks in place.  

Thankfully, ISG has been the solution that removes this “no win” situation of choosing between updating older technology or hiring talent with disappearing skills. Bringing The Best Together is the best of both worlds. How so?

ISG has maintained a robust network of seasoned individuals in the area of Legacy development that stand ready as the needs of our clients arise. These individuals bring a variety of legacy skills to bear including Cobol, CICS, DB2 and C.       
ISG helps its customers turn their data into a hub of intelligent systems, processes and controls that help them better integrate, analyze, transform and use data across their business lines. We do this by providing top talent with expertise in a wide range of areas, including:
  • Data Extraction/Transformation/Load
  • Database Management & Administration
  • Meta Data Management
  • Data Reporting
ISG brings a full complement of Salesforce Consulting and Salesforce Implementation services. Our team consists of certified Salesforce Consultants that can help you implement and customize the full suite of Salesforce Products. These services cover:
  • Implementation
  • Administration
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Reporting
  • Data Migration
  • Offshore Services
Let ISG’s team of experts in IT Development assist you on getting a handle on what you have and where you need to be. IT in your world no longer has to be exclusively about putting out “fires” caused by existing legacy systems, with the limited talent to fight those fires with 
It’s time to change the nature of IT Development to work in your favor, on your terms. Forever.

Internet of Things

Lets change People’s lives Forever!
If you need a partner that understood every aspect of IoT, our team is an easy choice. From embedded to cloud to mobile, we have the right knowledge to architect a secure, scalable solution to meet your needs. When you need a partner that can create an IoT Strategy and Solution ISG will deliver expertise that includes:
  • Assisting you with Augmenting your in-house embedded development team to bring the capabilities to bear for connectivity to new products
  • Providing the System Design and Development leadership to align your solution to your growing business needs
  • Establishing an integrated solution that brings many of the growing number of devices and third-party services into focus
  • Building a manageable cloud infrastructure by using modern DevOps practices, ensuring a high level of uptime that gives customers a solid digital experience

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

It’s easy to talk in-depth about analytics and Artificial Intelligence. It’s far more of a challenge for firms to understand how to convert big plans into tangible results they can witness all the time. It doesn’t get any easier when data sources have to be pulled from various systems, such as CRM and ERP platforms.
Fortunately, Innovative Systems Group shows organizations how to look deeper into the massive amounts of data captured and apply the insights learned toward business goals.
Our well-established approach to Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is Bringing The Best Together To
The more data you bring into a system, the more susceptible that system is to gaining poor data quality. Keep scaling up and these issues will become even more apparent with growth. ISG’s team of Analytics experts never takes their eye off the ball when preserving data quality. It’s a consistent, personalized effort to maintain data accuracy, but ISG has more than enough people and tools to rise to the challenge.

Before constantly feeding big data into a system, it’s wise to consider the different purposes for the data and how it will fully integrate with what the organization has in place. How long should new data be kept before it is considered old data? What types of new data can the system accommodate at present? If only a few, what adjustments need to be made to the current structure to ensure smooth data deployment?

ISG’s team of experts may pose such questions but rest assured that as they do, they’re also very much on the way to clarifying them. Efficient, effective data integration isn’t far behind.
Upon fully understanding the capacity of your organization to manage AI and machine learning applications, ISG’s team of Analytics experts has a wealth of tools and talent to bridge the gaps currently in place. The team can rapidly pinpoint areas of potential liability and prioritize big data concerns, from the relatively simple yet essential to the more complex, urgent matters that demand attention immediately. 
Drawing from a talent pool of big data engineering, ISG can infuse every client environment with the kind of individuals who go beyond executing a plan and reporting alone. ISG’s collection of superior big data expertise positions a client well toward solid recommendations for success based on business goals.

If it feels like shared ownership in new solutions ISG brings to the table, that’s by design. Our approach is a collaborative one in which business teams from the client align with ISG’s technology teams to arrive at promising outcomes in big data analytics, data warehouse and data marts, MDM, data management, predictive modeling and dashboard development.
It’s time to talk to ISG about the preparation required for the new era of AI, machine learning, cloud architecture and modern analytics on the near horizon. It’s a conversation your ever-evolving business will be far better for.

Project Management

Over the course of many years spent in the Project, Portfolio, Product and Program Management space, ISG has recognized that no amount of following guidelines will encompass a client’s entire picture of success.
It’s true in project management that protocols are of paramount importance, but every great plan needs total alignment with the business objectives of your workstreams and projects.
This is where ISG stands apart. By utilizing both Global and US-based capabilities, ISG ensures a seamless process that is Bringing The Best Together to address:
In this day and age, it has become more important than ever to see to it that teams are in complete communication alignment. Where the project stands, responsibilities, next steps toward the next milestone and more can easily get off course without this discipline. Fortunately, ISG has built a rock-solid reputation around bringing together teams that are not only in different locations, but different countries and different time zones to work as if they were under the same physical roof. We do it ourselves every day with an international presence of offices that are supported by clear objectives, powerful technology and people who have brought projects to the finish line hundreds of times before.  
It is all too easy to get “in the weeds” of a project’s tasks without coming up for air to see the larger perspective of why the project exists and what its overarching purpose is to move the company ahead. When people have this understanding through sound project management practices, they can appreciate their role in making the project a success. ISG conveys such definition on a consistent basis to all team members so that they are never viewing their place in the project through a narrow lens. From kickoff to completion, the direction coming from ISG is crystal-clear – not only for what must be done today but also what lies just ahead.

One of the more negative influences on a project’s success is when the project is launched and, not long after, the goals change. Suddenly, a bewildered team feels lost in the wilderness of a project where the definition of work is not the same as it was yesterday. What now? ISG will keep this type of “scope creep” at bay by ensuring team members and stakeholders are apprised of changes as they occur and what adjustments need to be made in the way of resources to ensure a project evolves – but doesn’t get sidetracked.


You have the need for manual or automated testing as you prepare to bring a product to market. Yet, it’s quite common for testers to encounter new challenges that weren’t anticipated. When that happens, how your partner in QA services responds means everything to the success of a product launch.
Fortunately, Innovative Systems Group comes prepared for the unexpected – and yes, that’s possible. How so? In a word: Resources.
To deliver high-quality QA services both onsite at the client and by our customers consuming a combination of our offshore and onsite technical talent, ISG’s resources have the skill set for every facet of testing. Manual testing. Automated testing. Without limitation.
ISG’s testing disciplines that include the following:
                           Functional Testing
Unit Testing                                       Integration Testing
System Testing                                Sanity Testing
Smoke Testing                                 Interface Testing
Regression Testing                         Beta/Acceptance Testing
                        Non-functional Testing
Performance Testing                                   Load Testing
Stress Testing                                              Volume Testing
Security Testing                                           Compliance Testing
You have the flexibility of choosing how you want to build your ISG testing team. Our management and QA engineers will work with you to tailor a solution that fits seamlessly within your organization and exceed your expectations in quality, execution and delivery. 
ISG is Bringing The Best Together on testing to:
“High standards” only mean so much when they haven’t been well interpreted – and without that, a host of challenges may occur down the line in terms of compliance matters. ISG brings a strong focus on pinpointing the most critical elements that define high quality such as specifications and characteristics. In doing so, the entire team moves as one, working off set criteria for success and going a long way to preserve the time to market.
When a team acts in a fragmented manner with multiple parties have different kinds of understanding about the testing process, the project can experience more bugs during the product timeline. It doesn’t have to be this way and in ISG’s hands, it isn’t. ISG’s collaborative approach to testing is more inclusive and streamlined, enabling all the key stakeholders to view updates and potential challenges ahead together. This creates a far more nimble environment for testing that responds quickly to changes and pivots accordingly.

The difficulty that some QA teams face during testing is that few are operating in a true, real world environment. Less testing occurs in terms of potential configurations and user experience issues. This can only lead to major problems post-testing. ISG’s team understands how to provide testing that is not limited to a particular scenario but a great many of them – making for an ideal position to be in just prior to a product launch.


Malware. Denial of Service. Phishing. Password attacks. The list goes on. In the fast-moving world of technology, attackers continually have more opportunities to exploit weaknesses within your systems. Practically any time a company has employees with their own devices to connect to a network or employees store data on laptops and cellphones, a potential doorway has been opened for hackers to step through.
That is, unless you have the watchful eyes that belong to Innovative Systems Group handling your network security.
ISG’s network security services take an all-encompassing view of the technical security environment while building the most mature security program in the industry. This overarching view enables the ISG team to precisely identify those areas in need of further focus, including:
Which users, devices and servers have the proper level of access to the network? Understanding roles and permissions are critical for knowing precisely who is utilizing applications on your system and quickly bringing them into alignment as designed. ISG provides clients with a full view of data, authorizations and how each user is accessing or modifying information throughout the system. Greater clarity means faster action, which, in ISG’s hands, means tighter security. All without severely limiting how the company scales upward.
The biggest question that people have after a data breach is, “How did this happen?” One of the more frequent answers inevitably leads back to vulnerability management and endpoint security. ISG proactively examines the company database to assess which threats and vulnerabilities exist as well as which ones could come to fruition soon if not addressed now. The list of vulnerabilities is then prioritized according to urgency, with a solution deployed soon after.
Security does not exist independently of business objectives or regulations. It has to mesh with an operational framework that determines how the organization will oversee various areas of risk, how or which employees will use certain types of data and what types of compliance must always be met. ISG understands that without strong IT governance, the mistakes to come may only get more expensive and more widespread. That’s why we work efficiently to reveal the true state of security governance in the company, uncovering underlying issues that should have been addressed long ago and meeting them with best practices for successful next steps today.
Some often believe that a cyberattack happens when a simultaneous, company-wide attack occurs when, in fact, the real attack has already occurred through one computer serving as a launch point. When the attack is happening, it’s clear that 5th and 6th generation cyberattacks have brought a new level of sophistication, too – one that exploits the high connectivity of an organization. Before that happens, the answer is to have a unified security structure built, enhanced, and continually modified by ISG’s team of cybersecurity experts.
The frontline of your network’s defense, endpoint security measures have had to become far more advanced in light of how cyber attacks have evolved as well. This is where ISG steps up to deliver modernized solutions in endpoint security to help protect and fortify the very digital backbone of your enterprise.
Let’s face it. One significant information security event can cause a major disruption to a business on many levels. That’s why ISG’s approach to risk management reveals potential areas of concern now, including the root cause of the risk at hand and the likelihood that it will occur. With the risk identified, ISG’s risk management team can move seamlessly from assessment to planning to the next steps to mitigate risk.
As your company increases its sharing, storing and reporting of information across departments, compliance questions of how that information will be utilized grow quickly too. Just as the prospect of keeping up with it all appears overwhelming, ISG answers the call with our total dedication to identifying, monitoring and continually auditing processes on your behalf. As a result, full compliance with policies and regulations is assured.

ISG’s resources, extensive knowledge and experience are Bringing The Best Together to solidify your security framework, technical controls and compliance management capabilities. It means protecting your business both NOW and into the future. Let’s get to work


The entire customer journey can be a complex one, particularly for firms selling services. Customer education involves essential differentiation of your brand against competitors in the marketplace and proving why yours should be the company of choice for the long term. Even post-purchase considerations of cross-selling, up-selling and building customer loyalty have to be integrated into the complete picture of the brand’s success.
It takes both the consultancy for planning and the vehicle to execute tactics to create consistent brand experiences – a digital powerhouse that’s Bringing The Best Together in the form of Innovative Systems Group.
What happens when you outsource your digital marketing services and eCommerce solutions to ISG? An enhanced overall online presence. Improved traffic to your website. And more.
No matter your organization’s goals for building your brand, ISG brings the kind of dynamic expertise to help you integrate front-applications with back-end IT systems, delivering digital strategy accompanied by next-gen, end-to-end experiences. 
Here are a variety of solutions that ISG has been deeply involved with in the digital space:
  • Digital Transformation
  • Mobile app development and modernization
  • Payment integration
  • Web/Mobile development
  • Cloud readiness migration
  • User experience transformation
  • Cloud readiness
  • Digital Signage
  • Voice
  • Web & eCommerce
Let ISG show you how to build a customer-centric brand that instills meaningful relationships while keeping your products and services consistently in the forefront of your buyers’ minds. 

Cloud Services

Today’s enterprises are eager to adopt cloud strategies to enable flexible, scalable and cost-efficient IT. Yet, they still have to contend with the daunting task of integrating legacy systems.
The challenge of managing the complexities of cloud-based applications with existing legacy architecture can overwhelm many companies in a hurry. Fortunately, that’s when ISG is called upon to assist.
ISG can bring professionals with a wealth of expertise focused on helping you Build, Manage and Secure your Cloud.
Our team is skilled in all facets of Cloud design and development, including:
  • AWS

  • Azure 

  • Google

ISG is Bringing The Best Together in cloud advisory services, cloud implementation, cloud management and cloud security. Here’s how we’re making it all work in environments just like yours:
Finding the ideal talent with the skillset for cloud migration is easier said than done. It’s what makes ISG the perfect partner for sourcing candidates with solid experience in cloud computing, big data, security and more. We also tailor our sourcing preferences to the type of certifications and training you expect to have for the role. All of which enables your hire to be highly productive and up to speed on the framework you need them to build and support right from the very beginning.
Left unchecked, the hidden costs associated with the cloud can appear when you least expect them to. If some features of the cloud are turned on and rarely monitored for usage, the organization will be driving up a spend that very well surpasses all others. ISG can work closely with your team to incorporate management procedures that give you greater control and customization over the cloud, including those environments that have different types of public and private clouds.
Any time an organization transfers data to the cloud, there are concerns related to cloud security. With one substantial cyberattack, data could be lost, privacy could be compromised and reputations could be severely damaged. ISG’s team of experts can play a fundamental role in preventing that outcome by advising how your system can evolve to meet today’s most significant cloud security concerns and customize your cloud around the organization’s goals.

Business Professional Services

All the planning and well-established processes can’t predict when a company is going to face a large spike in workload. When it does, resources within their back-office organizations can be stretched thin, allocated to one area of concern so much that other tasks or projects fall by the wayside. It doesn’t have to be that way.
ISG’s Business Professional Services practice bridges the gap, providing skilled resources and contingent labor with the experience in a variety of business disciplines to augment each client’s need. Our clients have utilized ISG services both on a contingent labor basis onshore and through our ISG Global services based in Manila. 
Our disciplines include:
Accounting & Finance            Human Resources
Procurement                           Audit & Governance   
Data/Claims Entry                 Help Desk/Service Desk
Training                                   Technical Writing
Business Analysis                  Process Specialist
User Acceptance Testing       Project Management
Call Center
As a result, ISG is Bringing The Best Together in Business Professional Services to:
Remote work creates quite the challenge for understanding how time is effectively utilized and by whom. ISG gives you a true window across the organization into where workers are contributing, so adjustments can be quickly made and productivity can be maximized.
With such a wide number of disciplines to choose from, ISG can source the talent that integrates into your operation seamlessly, enabling you to ramp up your response time to match sudden spikes in demand.
A patchwork approach that tries to account for the output of very different systems and teams won’t put you in a position to plan effectively. ISG has the depth of expertise to provide you with a plan built for flexibility in managing these varied components and a unified view of data from the back-office. Suddenly, you can more accurately measure organizational performance against your goals. Imagine that.


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