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RPO – Lowering Fixed Recruiting Costs

                                         + Leveling Up The Candidate Resource Pool

“Business as usual” has changed for companies with talent acquisition challenges – possibly forever. Recruiters are pressed to keep hiring costs low as they have limited budgets to work with. Resource acquisition teams are experiencing an imbalance in productivity, thanks to extreme fluctuations in job openings. Hiring managers and candidates are finding it more difficult than ever to coordinate and communicate smoothly.

Fortunately, amid so much uncertainty globally, it’s good to have a remarkably consistent and steady solution you can turn to when it matters most: ISG’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) team.

ISG’s RPO service has been well established in the Philippines for over 20 years, with a team that possesses the deep experience to identify vital resources for your specific needs. 

In fact, ISG’s highly seasoned offshore recruiting team has supported a diverse set of talent acquisition needs not only for our clients but for our company as well.    

ISG Is Bringing The Best Together on RPO for:

  • An ability to scale up and down for recruiting during fluctuations

  • Increased savings by reducing fixed recruiting costs

  • Seamless communication with hiring managers

  • An extensive candidate resource pool and search capabilities

  • Leveraging expertise across industry verticals and technologies

Talk to ISG today about an RPO solution that enables you to establish a scalable hiring solution, improve your quality and delivery and create an outstanding overall candidate experience.

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