Customization Around You

+ A Winning Track Record

Strength in IT doesn’t come in numbers. It comes from being highly adaptable to change and shift gears smoothly. You win when you evolve. That’s true for IT service providers as much as anybody.

That’s why ISG is bringing the kind of flexible service solutions that can be further tailored to your existing infrastructure and challenges rather than a rigid set of offerings that don’t fit perfectly. Through ISG OnDemand, ISG Global and Boomerang services, you’ll find yourself in the very best position to move proactively long before the next wave of transformation comes to your environment, with:

• Custom Internet/Intranet/Extranet applications
• Dedicated account groups to manage and execute sophisticated projects, so management can identify problem areas and reduce risk
• Onshoring alternatives to traditional contingency labor
• System implementation made for the entire enterprise, including software from SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle and Siebel
• Client / server systems development and support
• CRM solutions

By having the talent and resources to identify the right pieces and fit them in place efficiently, ISG is making it that much easier for Fortune 500 companies to shift toward a more satisfying relationship with us

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