Flexibility For Changing Priorities

+ Tighter Control To Prevent Runaway Costs

Onshore – Application Development Center

Boomerange Service Model

It’s challenging enough to do business in a world that has recently seen its share of disruptions due to a pandemic or supply chain slowdowns, but when your own limitations due to space, in-house resources or talent are included, a massive roadblock to growth may be just around the corner.

At this moment, there may be nothing more valuable than a strategic partner that removes the element of risk with a high degree of flexibility. That’s precisely what ISG delivers significant peace of mind with its Onshore capabilities.

Take our Onshore Application Development Centers, a highly efficient solution that helps you utilize superb talent domestically in a secured facility near your operations, freeing your location from traditional challenges of space.

ISG’s onshoring solutions are also designed to work in tandem with the business’ existing offshore and in-house consulting practices rather than in competition with them. Developers. Team Leaders. Account Managers. Business Analysts. All ready to perform onshore offsite, onshore onsite or an intelligent balance of the two that fits your business perfectly.

ISG is Bringing The Best Together in Onshoring to:

  • Keep FTE fixed costs under control

  • Do more with less physical space than ever

  • Scale up but at a reasonable pace

  • Identify superior technical resources

  • Shift project priorities seamlessly

Talk to ISG today about onshoring solutions to build your base of technical talent, conduct end-to-end project implementation and supply a competitive cost structure that feels tailor-made for your evolving business. 

Built to Win:
The Boomerang Approach

Compliments your offshore and in-house consulting practices

Flexible arrangement for system locations and resources

Provides for Statement-of-Work solutions

Competitive cost structure to expensive professional services

Innovative technique for hiring and resource management

Advantages Coming Back to You!

With Boomerang’s inventive design, you can:

  • Keep your fixed costs minimized and resources flexible
  • Concentrate on new development and evolving technologies, not maintenance.
  • Modify projects on your priority list with relative ease
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