ISG Case Study

Offshore Testing Solution

The Client

Health Care Payor

Our client is one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States. Providing products and services to some of the largest market segments in the country.  

The Challenge

Find a partner that can bring a cost-effective Outsourced Services solution for providing UAT Testing capabilities for their Business Contract Automation Initiative.


The client’s Sales Delivery Group was seeking a services partner to provide an outsourced solution to perform all business functionality and user acceptance testing services in support of the end-to-end automation and enablement of their contract administration process.

This was a multi-year effort encompassing many divisions within the corporation.  This project presented dramatic changes to their Client Contract Administration business and process workflow.

The intent of using a trusted services partner for this effort was to build upon their testing capabilities while demonstrating a tangible Return on Investment (ROI).

The services partner also needed to bring experienced resources that could establish a program that would improve the level of effectiveness in the quality of work produced by the Sales Delivery Group.

The Solution

Provide a cost-effective Offshore Testing Solution that fits seamlessly within the client’s project delivery organization. 

ISG proposed an offshore testing solution to deliver the requested services.  ISG and our offshore Team – Innovative Systems Group Global (ISGG), was chosen for this effort. 

Our solution included providing a team of experienced user acceptance testing resources with both automated and manual test case creation, test execution and test defect resolution within an Agile framework. 

ISG worked with the client to establish a process that imbedded our team seamlessly within their project organization.

We were up and running within a couple weeks, starting with 5 resource and building the team from there as the project grew.

The Outcome

Challenging Deliverables met with Outstanding Results.

Within months the project really began to ramp up.  As the project grew, the requirements of our team expanded.   Our team stood up to these challenges and met or exceeded all deadlines, allowing the project to continually move in the right direction. 

As the program grew, ISG expanded our delivery team size by 400%.  We were also able to bring onshore resources into the mix that provided specific business expertise necessary for the changing requirements of the project.

As well, we were able to adapt quickly to the necessary changes brought on by the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic and continue to maintain and exceed productivity levels required by the project.  

By using ISG for this initiative, the client is able to realize an estimated annual savings of over 1 million dollars.

Today, ISG is proud to say that we have continued this program with the client and continue to seek ways to grow and improve on our delivery. 

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