ISG Case Study

Offshore Project Management

The Client

Health Care Payor

Our client is the largest customer-owned health insurance company in the United States. The company, founded in 1936, serves more than 16 million members across five states

The Challenge

Find a partner that can bring a cost-effective Outsourced Offshore Services solution for providing Project Coordinator resources.

The client chartered a team to develop and execute a procurement strategy to provide the Enterprise Project Management Organization with an outsourced solution for staffing Project Coordinators.

The initial intent of this effort was to establish and execute a pilot program between a reputable offshore services partner and the EPMO that will demonstrate a tangible Return on Investment (ROI) and value proposition for outsourcing the Project Coordinator function. 

The offshore services partner also needed to bring experienced resources that could establish a program that would improve the level of effectiveness in the quality of work produced by the Project Coordinator function.

The Solution

Provide a flexible offshore Project Coordination resource allocation model that increases productivity with realized cost savings.

ISG proposed to partner with the EPMO to manage the process of recruiting and developing Project Coordinators at a pre-determined site in the Manila area of the Philippines.

ISG and our offshore Team – Innovative Systems Group Global (ISGG), was chosen for this effort.

This effort included, but was not limited to, managing the hiring, on-boarding, training, and performance of the offshore Project Coordinator team. The resource skills required requisite leadership, facilitation, collaboration, communication and problem-solving abilities as well as relevant project management and health care program related experience.

ISG worked with the client to establish program service levels, OKRs and governance protocols.  As well, communication channels, project reporting and cadence meeting schedules were initiated.

Our solution included establishing a program that was flexible and repeatable, allowing our client to work in tandem with the PMO team and move resources seamlessly from one project to the next. Our program also allowed for exponential growth, by establishing repeatable processes for hiring, training and the integration of new team members.

Within 5 weeks, the pilot program was established and initiated.

The Outcome

Proven Delivery, Expanded Services and Transformational Change 

Within months the program was embraced and ISG was recognized as a valuable partner and contributor in delivering project excellence.   

As the program grew, ISG expanded our delivery responsibilities to include:

  • Weekly and Monthly Governance Analytics & Dashboard reporting

  • Creation and implementation of tools for project process improvement

  • Delivery Excellence support and enhanced management controls

  • Resource Quality Metrix tracking

  • Project Audit execution and oversight

  • Project Management

Over time, the program achieved exponential growth with resource allocation increasing six-fold in size. 

Our team member responsibilities increased to include Project management. 

The program grew to where the client was able to realize multi-million dollars in savings on an annual basis.   

Today, ISG is proud to say that we have continued this program with the client and continue to seek ways to grow and improve on our delivery. 

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