TechSelect: Our Process

The Passion For Realizing A True Match
+ A Deeper Process To Get There

It’s more than just one qualified candidate sitting in front of a company. It’s an investment that could have a profound impact on the outcome of a project.

Doesn’t that deserve an amazingly thorough 5-step candidate evaluation process that brings the best indicators together to discover if it’s going to be the most ideal match possible?

We think so. That’s why when clients talk about their high satisfaction with ISG’s consultants during a successful project engagement, they often point to how that relationship began through our TechSelect process.

Let us show you how it works. Click through the display boxes of each stage on the right.


The first level of ISG’s TechSelect brings assessments on whether the candidate appears to be a good technical fit with the client’s project. If so, an interview will qualify the candidate further to ascertain whether or not they should proceed to Step 2.

Have we arrived at a potential match? Not yet. There are still a lot of lingering factors to consider. We’re just getting started.
There may be a possible fit. Still, what do we know about how well the candidate will adapt to a certain type of culture? What if a highly skilled consultant moves into an environment that’s fairly incompatible with the nature of how they work?

A discovery session during the second level of TechSelect gives ISG a better understanding of the candidate’s personality, behavior, communication preferences and more to help indicate how smoothly – or not - they’ll fit within the project’s workplace.
It’s one thing to assess a technical fit on paper. But now it’s time to put those skills to the test to ensure the candidate can deliver on what the particular project requires.

Here, they’ll engage in an in-depth skills evaluation with one of our senior technical consultants at ISG. If necessary, we may also put them through formal IT skills assessments such as TeckChek and BrainBench.
What do the candidate’s past managers and peers say about what it’s like to work with them?

With professional reference checks (and comprehensive background checks if required), ISG gains a more complete view of how well the candidate builds relationships and influences project outcomes.
We’ve learned a lot about how prepared the candidate is for the potential challenge that lies ahead of them. And the signs are encouraging. Still, prior to being presented to the client, there’s one last step that must be cleared.

At this point, a member of the ISG Executive Management team will often meet with the candidate. These partners of our company have a wealth of experience and will leave no stone unturned in asking the most thorough questions to gauge whether they can recommend the candidate in front of them as truly the very best option for the project.
Thanks to ISG’s TechSelect evaluation process, we’ve arrived at an outstanding match, bringing the best candidate and client together.

At the very onset of a project, our client can now feel supremely confident that they have a consultant coming on board who has been through an abundance of high-level interviews, assessments and requirements. And while the TechSelect process is likely the most rigorous they’ve ever known, many of our candidates also appreciate the thoroughness ISG takes in placing them in a client environment tailor-made for their skill set and personality. A rewarding “win-win” for all.