February 15, 2017
social media do's and don'ts for your career

Social Media and Your Career: Do’s and Don’ts To Protecting Your Online Reputation

  In recent years, as social media has continued to grow, it’s come to have another new function: recruiting tool. This can have many benefits to both recruiters and job seekers. Recruiters can access a deeper and more informed talent pool, and job seekers can often find that coveted personal connection with the recruiter. Meanwhile, both groups have a more direct connection to one another. However, this can also present some challenges for job seekers. Just as there are certain things you would never do or say in the workplace, you now need to consider what potential employers might be able to glean from your online presence. Keep these simple dos and don’ts in mind to ensure you’re putting your best, most hirable foot forward online.   DO: Maintain a professional online profile Nowadays, it is expected, more often than not, for a job candidate to maintain some level of online presence. In fact, if you can’t be found anywhere online, some employers may question whether you’ve kept up with digital trends, or if you’re qualified for a job that requires any level of digital or tech savvy. The best way to project a professional presence is by sharing content relevant to your industry and showcasing your expertise. For example, you might share and comment on relevant industry articles, or even start your own blog to discuss industry trends.   DO: Provide consistent background Don’t assume employers will only be checking you out on LinkedIn. Look at all your social […]