March 3, 2017

Retention: Why Top Employees Leave

It’s often said that employees don’t quit jobs, they quit people. There is a good deal of truth in this, as most reasons employees choose to leave an organization are fully within the employer’s control. In an era where good employees are a commodity, employees would be wise to take note and do whatever possible to retain their top talent. Below are the top reasons employees move on, and what you can do to keep your best employees on board.   Bad Bosses Often the top reason for seeking other opportunities is the employee’s relationship with his or her direct supervisor. The reason for this is simple: the boss is an integral piece of the employee’s day-to-day work life. It’s important the employee feels there is a mutual respect and direct line of communication with the supervisor.   Unchallenging Work The days of employees punching in and punching out are behind us. Employees want a career they are passionate about. As our work culture shifts to one where the employee is always “on,” this makes sense. Employees can no longer fully leave work at work, so make sure they are happy with their work life. Work closely with them to ensure they are engaged and excited about their contribution to the company, and that they feel challenged to continue pushing themselves to deliver the best work possible. If you don’t, they will find an employer who will.   Micromanagement There is a high connection to employee job satisfaction and the […]