January 30, 2017
Time for a career move? ISG can show you where to go from here.

Time For A Career Move? 6 Questions To Ask Yourself

Deciding to leave a job and move on to a new position can be a major step in your career. But how do you know when it’s time to make that move and begin looking for your next opportunity? There are many reasons to make a career move. Often, moving up the career ladder is a main driver, and a move may be the best or only way to accomplish that. Likewise, sometimes “up” isn’t the only way to move your career. Sometimes, a lateral move is just as valuable. No matter the destination, ask yourself these six questions when determining if it might be time for you to make your next move.   Are you passionate? Examine the overall work you do. Do you have enthusiasm for it? While there are a number of outside factors that can affect how you feel about a particular job, having a passion for your chosen career is imperative to your overall success and happiness. If that’s not the case, you may consider making a pivot in your career path.   What is your day-to-day? While passion for your work is important, the details of your daily responsibilities can ultimately determine your fit within a role or organization. If you despise the daily nitty gritty tasks, you will likely dislike the job as well. Despite excitement for your industry, if you’re regularly fulfilling duties you loathe, the role is likely not a fit for you.   Is there upward mobility? What are your […]