Relationships Make the Difference

An Understanding Of Business Expectations

+Driven To Exceed Every One Of Them


You don’t earn lifelong relationships merely by meeting expectations or being little more than order takers for technological needs. You earn those relationships by going beyond everything the client imagined. How does ISG get there with more clients? By ensuring we’re continually proving our capability and value – and then some.

Beyond understanding project specifications, are we appreciating the business imperatives that are so front and center in our client’s mind?

Beyond the work of our employees, is our client viewing the entire project as a success?

Beyond technology solutions, are we delivering answers are truly enabled for our client’s business?

It’s the mantra of success we live by at ISG. Do our people buy into it? With a 95% employee retention rate, we’d say this much: Absolutely. As a strategic partner to our clients, we’re driven to be more flexible on everything from offshore capabilities to billing programs as well as more adaptable from engagement through implementation.

It means we’d rather walk away from a consulting opportunity than have a client less than 100% satisfied. Fortunately, we’ve walked into a lot more of those opportunities and kept returning because ISG is built to exceed. Not just succeed.