Case Study -- Manufacturing/Machinery

Construction machinery and equipment company

Our client is one of the largest manufacturers of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.


Vendor issues at the most crucial phase of implementation.

The client was seeking to implement IBM’s Master Data Management (MDM) tool in their environment, an application that’s exceptional for providing a centralized customer data point and allowing systems to communicate in real time. So if there are important changes to customer information across separate databases, this layer can eliminate any redundancies and keep all data uniformly updated.

At the time that our client was aiming to implement the MDM tool, they were working with a very large consulting firm. Yet the firm did not have the resources and understanding of the MDM. As a result of this knowledge and skills gap, multiple errors and quality issues continued to surface with greater frequency, causing the firm to fall behind schedule in its delivery of services as well. The entire situation was creating a costly bottleneck.


Bringing the best together for MDM, staff augmentation and reporting.

Fortunately, that’s when the manufacturer reached out to ISG to help them find the niche skill set they needed. ISG was able to locate a talented consultant from a big five consulting firm who had several years of deep experience working with the MDM tool. As ISG brought him into the fold of the project, he quickly understood what was needed from an implementation perspective.

At the same time, as the client’s relationship with another consulting firm was coming to an end, the manufacturer decided to lean on ISG’s staff augmentation capabilities to manage their internal projects.

From that point, our relationship with the client would flourish even further, leading to growth in other technologies aligned with the IBM InfoSphere suite of software, namely DataStage and QualityStage.

When the client would later decided to change their reporting tool internally and organization-wide, they switched over from an IBM tool to an SAP tool called BusinessObjects. Upon building all new reporting tools in BusinessObjects, ISG was able to capitalize on the report development and administrative features of the software.

What’s more, when the prior consulting firm left, 200 reports had been built out and completed – but just 4 weeks later, 90% of these reports had to be changed, with a range of “bugs” that were impacting both the data and reporting side of the business. With ISG assistance, the reports came back on-line to meet their business challenges.

Through its versatility, ISG was able to fulfill all of the client’s resource needs, including project management, from end-to-end.


5 years of a very rewarding partnership and counting.

From identifying a niche skill set through IBM’s Master Data Management tool to impacting the business on the staff augmentation front, ISG has found itself building a lot of trust with our client on multiple levels. That may very well explain why a relationship that began with 6 consultants has grown to reach 50 consultants, making ISG one of the heaviest population of contractors inside the company.

Now in our 5th year of working with the company, we’ve become terrific partners with our client. When they have a challenging role to fill, they come to ISG first. due to our ability find great resources, including consultants who want to be a part of their organization for the long-term and add extra value far beyond their designated project.