Leadership To Recognize Extraordinary Potential

+Experience To Fully Realize It

At the top of ISG, we’ve assembled a management team that’s led our company to become one of the Top 25 largest minority-certified owned firms in Chicago. How did we get here? For one, we understand the Return on Investment required to successfully compete in a number of client industries and communicate that greater sense to our employees.

We believe in empowering people in an environment where they can think outside of their roles if need be and know that there is a support structure fully committed to backing them up in order to make the project a complete success.

As a result, many of the partnerships we enjoy, such as with top healthcare companies, have lasted well over 20 years. We’re proud to say that all the while we’ve maintained our standing as a top 10 Tier-1 supplier to our clients.


Meet Joe Salas, President, ISG

Over the last 20 years, Joe has led ISG with a relentless focus on delivering the kind of customer service, value and performance that delivers better results. At the core of our organization is a mission from Joe to help CIOs, procurement executives and hiring managers obtain the highest level of business intelligence on the IT consultants, trends and tools that will shape their business. So they can continue to lead rather than follow.

Within ISG’s first six years, Joe grew the company to over 100 employees with office locations in Chicago, Orlando, Columbus and Dallas. In addition to guiding ISG’s strategic growth in the United States and the Philippines, it is Joe’s great passion to build stronger client relationships and maintain the values of an ISG company culture that has enjoyed an over 95% retention rate.


Gerry Schoenneman, Executive Vice President & Principal

Gerry is an experienced leader in technology product and services management with a solid corporate business background in the Healthcare and Medical fields. He has a unique understanding of customer needs and culture, and his dedication to customer service is evident in his ability to foster strong relationships with our Fortune 500 accounts. Gerry received a B.S. in Information Systems from DeVry University and proudly worked for Health Care Service Corporation, most notably on Medicare and Government Contracts. At ISG, Gerry drives service and performance to bring customers reduced costs and added value.

Sue Johnson, Project Manger/Business Analyst/Business Systems and IT

Sue’s ability to lead both internal and external projects consistently drives many of our most crucial initiatives forward, making her an invaluable asset to ISG. Drawing upon a background in healthcare, insurance, HR systems and government processing, she brings a keen eye for aligning technological systems with HR strategies - whether it’s developing .NET applications to automate new hire processes, creating business process documentation for AAP/EEO reporting or delivering the kind of total oversight that leads to a reduction in data entry operations by more than 50%.

Sue is also an excellent resource for bringing together a multitude of stakeholders for strategic planning purposes, including key customer groups, technical resources and 3rd party vendors. Before bringing her skills in needs analysis and personnel management to ISG, Sue had a profound impact at Blue Cross Blue Shield for 27 years as a leader across many technology initiatives.

How ISG Is Bringing The Best Together:

“I find ISG brings that perfect blend of advanced technological prowess with an understanding of the practical, real-world challenges our partner is facing from a business perspective. That’s a combination that some find easy to claim they have but isn’t so easy to execute consistently. Yet ISG has proven time and time again that we have the talent and resources to live up to that promise across the board with a range of industry clients - even those industries that always seem to be in a state of flux, like healthcare and insurance.”