April 20, 2017

5 Unconventional Approaches To Spice Up Your Job Search

It is becoming common knowledge that the majority of available jobs are never posted. And for the ones that are, sometimes hundreds of applications are received. With anecdotes like this, job seekers may wonder how best to find opportunities and stand out among the masses. Consider these five less-common job search tactics to help you land that role you’ve been searching for. Search companies, not jobs. We all have our pie-in-the-sky ideas of what our ideal job might look like. But if you consider why this dream job would be a great fit, chances are, it’s not just the role itself. Consider what type of job you’d like to have and the ideal culture where you’d like to work. What’s important to you in the company you choose to work for? Start there, and then consider working your way up in an organization that fits the bill. Further, because such a large portion of jobs are never posted, by taking this approach, you also have the chance of landing the job you want – not just the one that’s advertised. Market yourself. While your resume and cover letter are certainly important places to showcase your skills and experience, don’t let it end there. Nowadays, most employers utilize multiple avenues to find candidates, such as social media and online job boards. Use these as an opportunity to further market yourself, beyond just the typical resume on paper. Consider highlighting your accomplishments and professional recommendations on your social profiles or starting a […]
March 3, 2017

Retention: Why Top Employees Leave

It’s often said that employees don’t quit jobs, they quit people. There is a good deal of truth in this, as most reasons employees choose to leave an organization are fully within the employer’s control. In an era where good employees are a commodity, employees would be wise to take note and do whatever possible to retain their top talent. Below are the top reasons employees move on, and what you can do to keep your best employees on board.   Bad Bosses Often the top reason for seeking other opportunities is the employee’s relationship with his or her direct supervisor. The reason for this is simple: the boss is an integral piece of the employee’s day-to-day work life. It’s important the employee feels there is a mutual respect and direct line of communication with the supervisor.   Unchallenging Work The days of employees punching in and punching out are behind us. Employees want a career they are passionate about. As our work culture shifts to one where the employee is always “on,” this makes sense. Employees can no longer fully leave work at work, so make sure they are happy with their work life. Work closely with them to ensure they are engaged and excited about their contribution to the company, and that they feel challenged to continue pushing themselves to deliver the best work possible. If you don’t, they will find an employer who will.   Micromanagement There is a high connection to employee job satisfaction and the […]
March 3, 2017

Top 5 Perks To Attract And Retain Millennial Talent

Over the next several years, millennials are expected to make up about half of the country’s workforce. As more baby boomers retire, millennials will begin to shape the U.S. workforce. While the generational divide can make recruiting new employees a challenge, the reality is this new generation will soon be driving your company’s bottom line. When recruiting millennials, many companies have been smart to offer perks specific to what this generation is seeking. Below are five of millennials’ most requested incentives from their employers. Professional Freedom Many millennials grew up watching both parents work around-the-clock, so naturally, they’ve grown to appreciate work-life balance. By giving millennials some freedom with their schedules – such as the option to telecommute or work a flex schedule, particularly during busy seasons – creates the type of culture where millennials tend to thrive and produce greater results for their employers.   Purpose When accepting a job offer, the majority of millennials are looking for a “sense of purpose” beyond just the work. Millennials thrive most when in an environment where they clearly see how their work impacts the company as well as their industry and society at large. Employers can accomplish this by removing bureaucracy and increasing transparency. In other words, millennials want to feel as though they are “insiders,” with access to as much information about overall goals as possible.   Training and Development It’s true that millennials tend to leave jobs faster, but one reason for doing so is lack of leadership development. […]
February 15, 2017
Virtual interviews are becoming more of an option for recruiters when distance is a factor

5 Tips To Prepare For Your Virtual Interview

Virtual, or online, interviews are becoming increasingly common, allowing employers to reach a more diverse applicant pool. As companies expand across states and countries, or embrace a virtual workforce, this enables employers to find ideal employees, while offering job seekers more opportunities beyond their geographic location. While many of the traditional interview rules still apply, keep the following tips in mind to help prepare for and ace your virtual interview.   Test Your Technology Don’t wait until the day of your interview to set up your equipment. You’ll need a computer with camera and speakers, as well as a microphone to efficiently carry out a virtual interview. Make sure these are all in working order prior to your interview by checking you have an appropriate volume, as well as an angle to display a portrait view of your head and shoulders with clear view of your face. It’s a good idea to double check your internet connectivity as well to make sure your network is fast enough to handle the live feed of your interview. While you should absolutely do everything you can to prevent any technical glitches on the day of your interview, stay calm if any do arise. Getting flustered may be more of a red flag to employers than a simple glitch – particularly for a role that requires technical expertise.   Stage Your Interview Environment When setting up your computer and other equipment, take care to set up your virtual interview environment as well. If possible, […]
February 15, 2017
social media do's and don'ts for your career

Social Media and Your Career: Do’s and Don’ts To Protecting Your Online Reputation

  In recent years, as social media has continued to grow, it’s come to have another new function: recruiting tool. This can have many benefits to both recruiters and job seekers. Recruiters can access a deeper and more informed talent pool, and job seekers can often find that coveted personal connection with the recruiter. Meanwhile, both groups have a more direct connection to one another. However, this can also present some challenges for job seekers. Just as there are certain things you would never do or say in the workplace, you now need to consider what potential employers might be able to glean from your online presence. Keep these simple dos and don’ts in mind to ensure you’re putting your best, most hirable foot forward online.   DO: Maintain a professional online profile Nowadays, it is expected, more often than not, for a job candidate to maintain some level of online presence. In fact, if you can’t be found anywhere online, some employers may question whether you’ve kept up with digital trends, or if you’re qualified for a job that requires any level of digital or tech savvy. The best way to project a professional presence is by sharing content relevant to your industry and showcasing your expertise. For example, you might share and comment on relevant industry articles, or even start your own blog to discuss industry trends.   DO: Provide consistent background Don’t assume employers will only be checking you out on LinkedIn. Look at all your social […]