ISG Global

A Smarter Plan From The Beginning
+ A Finish That Exceeds All Expectations

Your team is stretched thin. What you could use right now isn’t someone who’s going to be just one more layer of management but rather a more nimble partner who complements your company’s existing disciplines.

That’s what makes ISG Global so different.

Beyond merely running the project, ISG Global brings a methodology that’s unmistakably built around your challenge at hand. As we define the job in detail, we’ll consider the talent from our vast network to be sourced, the timeframe, investment and tasks involved with each major stage. All of which is entailed in a statement of work requiring your acceptance well before we start the project. From there, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to ensure the project is nothing short of a cost-effective, on-time success.

Best of all? We back our resources with “best cost” pricing so we can prove our worth before you make any kind of significant investment.

It’s more than a refreshing approach to project management.
It’s a process that results in:

• Faster implementation of mission critical systems
• Improved time-to-market
• Reduced capital expenditures due to increased productivity and less waste
• Better system quality via improved ease-of-use and lower operating costs
• Reduced risk through timely information on problem areas and status
• Improved overall satisfaction of project implementations

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