ISG Boomerang

Keeping Fixed Costs To A Minimum
+ Expanding The Boundaries Of What’s Possible

Space in your environment is tight, which poses a challenge to a traditional contingency labor model. It feels like you’re very quickly running out of options for I.T. consulting talent in the U.S.

That’s when a solution arrives from ISG that brings that high quality talent right back to where it belongs – close to your operations through an On-Shore Application Development Center.

Say hello to Boomerang.

Boomerang USA is an alternative model from ISG that’s providing a fresh concept to companies requiring location flexibility for their systems and resources. Utilizing secured facilities for all work done on your behalf, Boomerang delivers a structure that keeps your FTE fixed costs well under control.

Change in project priorities? Boomerang’s built for that too. Drawing from a deep network of talent, we can apply innovative hiring techniques to assess candidates based on your latest demands. So whenever you need to shift gears, Boomerang evolves right with your people, projects and technologies.

Thinking outside the traditional model and still bringing the best together. With Boomerang, stronger knowledge, relationships and trust are never far away.

To discover real examples of Boomerang’s impact on on-shore application development for businesses, click on our Case Studies.