Boomerang USA


BoomerangLogo2-ISGsite2Boomerang USA offers complimentary, competitive cost solutions to other traditional contingency labor models utilizing U.S. talent to delivery of our economical, high quality, high performance IT consultancy results.

Boomerang USA, LLC is a subsidiary of Innovative Systems Group and incorporates our team building approach based on project demand, applies our recruiting experience using our national network of talent which encourages resource retainment. We will be utilizing secured facilities for all work done on the customer's behalf. Conducting background checks and matching information security and risk management will be based on specific customer requirements.

The Boomerang Approach

  • Preserve and grow relationships, trust, commitment, and integrity created through ISG
  • Competitive cost structure
  • Complimentary to traditional consulting practices
  • Flexible arrangements for location of systems and resources
  • Long-term agreements with service level requirements and cost/quality management guidelines
  • Apply innovative hiring and resource management techniques

Benefits of Boomerang

  • IT owns the relationship with Boomerang
  • Alternative choice to professional services
  • Provides flexible dedicated resources, minimizing FTE fixed costs
  • Achieves primary object of cost reduction
  • Allows better utilization of resources for new development and evolving technologies
  • Accessibility to BlueFox and ISG’s talent network
  • Offers customers the ability to change project priorities
  • Provides knowledge preservation
  • Encourages patriotic pledge to U.S. work force
  • Offers resource pool to drive down costs

Our pricing concept is to reduce costs while driving performance,delivery and customer service. Before we will perform any work, we will create a statement of work, rate card and develop the model that we will use to work together with you. To learn more about Boomerang and the services offered, please go to