Case Study -- Health Care

THE CLIENT:  The largest health care affiliate insurer in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our client is an affiliate of a large national health services company and currently serves over 3 million members in Maryland, Washington D.C. and portions of Northern Virginia. It also employs approximately 5,000 associates and contractors in the area.

Even though every affiliate is independent, the fact that ISG has enjoyed relationships with similar affiliates in the health care industry for over 20 years made a very big difference with vendor managers.


16 job orders on Day 1. Immediate contributors needed almost as quickly.

Although ISG had been given access to compete for the business due to our status as a Minority-Owned Business, we had to clearly prove how we would deliver for them based on our deep experience in the health care industry. Plus, even when selected, ISG was the only out-of-state vendor out of 11 vendors. Consequently, as we’d conduct much of our work remotely, we’d have to make the client feel as though we were nearby and location wouldn’t hinder performance.

Our primary focus was on the client’s external labor management office, an area of the company in which managers were looking for talent who could really “hit the ground” running making an immediate impact, including Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Developers and Financial Analysts. The needs of this office fluctuated heavily, with needs that often ranged anywhere from a handful of jobs to dozens of them.

In the case of this particular client, they certainly didn’t waste any time fulfilling their talent needs. Nearly right away, ISG was receiving all the client’s most essential job orders in one day – 16 job orders in total!


Bringing the best together to respond to giant and quick turnarounds.

Fortunately, in a very team-oriented culture like the one at ISG, a variety of our people came together to rapidly identify quality candidates for all 16 open positions – simultaneously.

How could ISG see this coming? In a way, we’d predicted it for years. We knew there might very well come a time when we would receive a large amount of job orders from a client all at once. If and when that happened, we would have the necessary systems in place to respond quickly when that call officially came.

That’s precisely what occurred in the case of this client and because of that forward thinking, ISG was able to roll right into response mode with amazing efficiency – rather than be caught off guard.


Adapting to sudden curves.
Responding flawlessly.
An early victory for a new client that definitely won’t be the last.

At the very onset of an important new client relationship, ISG displayed an agility to respond to the challenge and turn a large number of job orders around quickly in a short period of time.

In fact, this type of situation is quite reflective of how we build on our early momentum to strengthen trust for the long-term. In an industry built on relationships, ISG creates success first through delivery and then expanding upon the business further. Being very adaptive and collaborative internally, we have the power to go far beyond understanding client needs – bringing the flexibility and passion to develop a framework to make smarter solutions happen.