Case Study -- Financial

A global bank with over 20 international locations

Our client is a leading financial institution in providing superior asset management, fiduciary, banking, asset servicing and fund administration solutions.

It’s a firm that ISG has enjoyed a relationship with for over 20 years, fulfilling a variety of roles, from mainframes to project management. Even during economic downturns, this global bank has turned to us to bring aboard many of our employees on a full-time basis, speaking to our exceptional talent base and established trust.


A niche tool. An atypical process. Understaffed resources.
In short, the “perfect storm.”

Recently, the bank sought to leverage the power of IBM’s Master Data Management (MDM) tool, which is part of the InfoSphere suite of software.

From a best practices perspective, an application is typically implemented first, followed by the source systems being brought on line – however, in this particular case, four source systems needed to be integrated right away.

Simultaneously, an implementation partner had underestimated the full capability of the MDM tool and the full effort of what was required for the tool to be effective. As a result, the project was severely understaffed – with only 3-4 consultants staffed when, in reality, the project dictated having 10-15 consultants from an implementation perspective.

Once this combination of events came together, crucial project dates for delivery began to be missed, only to be pushed out further and further.


Bringing the best MDM, DataStage and QualityStage developers together.

When timing is of the essence, resourcefulness and a bit of creative thinking to find the solution is often where ISG can shine.

Case in point: When the bank expressed the challenge they were having in the MDM tool space, ISG happened to be sponsoring an MDM specialist from India for another client. From our perspective, it made sense to “loan” him to our financial client. As our first resource on the MDM project, he performed extremely well.

Yet, this was merely the beginning of our impact.

Since the implementation partner had left the MDM project understaffed, ISG quickly brought in a second highly skilled resource for the DataStage side of the business. This was followed by our hiring of several more outstanding ETL (‘extract-transform-load’ process of database usage and warehousing) developers as well.

During this project, we also happened to grow the relationship in one more key way: It came to our attention that a QualityStage developer was needed – which is hardly a small challenge. That’s because modifications were being done in the language that was specific for this tool – but it was for a tool had been designed over 20 years ago.

Realizing the task called for an extremely specialized type of talent, ISG decided to do something truly remarkable: We located the original developer who built the tool two decades ago and brought him to Chicago to work on the project for the bank.


Much-needed stability for today’s project.
Smarter thinking for the ones to come.

Those project dates that had been previously pushed out due to understaffed resources? By identifying a group of rare and talented resources when it mattered most, ISG’s team found a way to get project delivery back on line for our client. After this point, the program became much more stable, which in turn enabled the bank to bring in more source systems.

Since the type of implementation required for this tool was so unique, what began as a 30-day project was stretched to 8 months because ISG was able to train the bank’s internal employees on how to modify languages, understand how the tool was built and recognize how certain customizations would impact the entire project.

The transfer of business intelligence from our team at ISG to the financial institution’s team on a very valuable tool was tremendous – and it’s how we grow our relationships with clients all the time.