October 19, 2017

Making The Leap Into Customized eCommerce

Ready to explore customized eCommerce for your business? We hear you. Companies of all sizes, in all industries, have recently been feeling the pinch from Amazon’s tight margins, irritating fees, lengthy payment terms and ever-changing data and shipping requirements – not to mention their cookie-cutter format. It’s time to cut out the middleman and create a customized eCommerce store that delivers the exact customer experience you want for your B2B or B2C customers, which means you need to… Wait, what exactly do you need to do? Get some help figuring out the plan to set up your own secure, effective and attractive web store for your large and complex B2B or B2C business. Choosing the Right Architecture Though it’s an interactive portal that brings customers and products together through the Internet, your eCommerce store is, at heart, a technological masterpiece. If you haven’t thought much about the sheer programming magic that underpins your online storefront, now’s the time to start thinking. First off, when planning your online store, you’ll need to find professionals who have experience designing a multi-tier architecture framework for web stores. If the terminology leaves you scratching your head, this may help: Multi-tier architecture is comprised of three layers: The data tier The business tier The presentation tier In short, the data tier houses your raw data, keeping safe the information about how many green widgets you have, what your company is called, your various tax rates, etc. Skipping forward, the presentation tier looks pretty – it’s what […]
December 2, 2014
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How To Breathe Easier When Making The Switch To A BYOD Environment

Letting employees use their own personal devices – what could possibly go wrong? Plenty without the proper planning, actually. Many workplace environments in recent years have considered how to implement a structure of BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – so that employees are allowed to bring their own smartphones, tablets and other devices to work. Successfully done, the business may see a cost savings. Without the right security measures, however, you could be putting your company’s network at risk for attack. Can a BYOD program work well in your company environment? Think about these crucial steps first before you dive right in. Picture this: It’s the early afternoon and many of your employees have just come back from lunch. Just before they settle back into their tasks at hand, they go to their smartphone or tablet. Suddenly, you’ve got a variety of devices that could connect to places you’re not prepared for them to go, from USB drives to wireless printers and more. Bob downloads a few unsupported apps, creating a security concern. Jill visits a website and doesn’t suspect that she’s about to introduce a type of malware into the environment. Ethan has sensitive data on his device, which he leaves out in the open on his desk, just waiting to be compromised. Can you see the potential I.T. challenges surfacing here? Every employee could create serious security issues if there aren’t proactive steps taken. What’s Your Policy On Mobile Security? If your answer is, “We don’t have […]