September 8, 2017

Top Reasons To Choose Onshoring

In the wake of recent economic troubles, China has focused on turning their country into the leader for tech industries such as electric cars, robotics, and microchips with the Made in China 2025 initiative. This announcement will likely encourage U.S. companies to reconsider offshoring, but as you plan, remember to keep your long-term strategies and company objectives at the forefront of your discussions.   Your Top Consideration Should Always Be ROI Tech decisions in a company usually fall under the responsibility of the CFO because every tech decision these days is also a strategic decision. Or, at least, it should be. Companies focused on growth consider all investments in terms of how they benefit the long-term strategic goals of each part of the organization, from the reception desk to the boardroom and beyond. As you make your decision on whether to offshore important tech development or keep the work at home, make sure to focus on your outcomes instead of your outputs and remember to weigh the hard-to-calculate nuances you’ll find in each consideration below.   Agile Development Reduced contact with your development facilities combined with lengthier offshoring timelines can decrease your ability to deliver the right tech product at the right time. In technology especially, market disruption happens every day. The longer you wait before releasing your solution, the higher the likelihood is that someone else will have released a similar product before you.   Communication Your company understands what you’re looking for in your technology development, but no […]