October 12, 2017

To Offshore or Not to Offshore? Your Questions: Answered

Many companies wonder whether offshoring technological development would be a smart choice for them. Though we’re partial to outsourcing in all its forms here at ISG, we understand that your business has unique needs that can’t be addressed with a one-size-fits-all answer. What you need is accurate, complete and honest information that helps you feel confident making an offshoring decision that meets your exact needs, right now and in the future. If you’ve had questions about offshoring, you’ll appreciate these clear answers. A Brief Intro to Offshoring for Tech Development In our post-industrial society, savvy organizations need to treat their digital product development the same way they treat their physical product development; they need to make everything in the most efficient and productive manner possible. But why do we need to create digital products in the first place? The answer to that lies right in front of you. Literally. Yup, we’re talking about the phone screen you’re reading this article on. If you’re scoffing at us because you’re reading this article on a computer screen, just glance to the right of your computer a few inches so you can see your smartphone. After all, it’s right there next to you on the desk. Today’s Consumers Are Linked to Their Phones The fact that your smartphone is within your reach right now proves that the statistics are right, and that technological development is the wave of the future. According to Deloitte, Millennials spend too much time on their phones. They stare […]