November 25, 2017

Fast Growth Requires More Than Just Hiring New People

Booming business is great, but suddenly booming business… well, that’s another animal altogether. Not only does fast, ballooning growth test your company’s scalability in terms of onboarding new hires while quickly teaching necessary processes and procedures, it also requires you to handle unexpected costs and responsibilities. And hiring isn’t the only responsibility we’re talking about here; you’ll also have to make fast, well-informed decisions about the pillars of your business technology, such as your infrastructure. That’s right: overloaded server capacity and licensing limitations will become issues very quickly with your growing staff – unless you put your contingency plan in place now. Here are two methods SMBs use when planning for their future growth, so they can ensure their success in the long run. Virtualization: Tried and True for Many Companies Virtualization, the process of hosting multiple “virtual” servers on at least one physical server, brings enterprise-level technology to smaller businesses that wouldn’t typically be able to afford the initial capital needed for the required hardware, software, licenses, implementation and maintenance it takes to set up your own datacenter. (A datacenter, by the way, is like a high-powered bank of servers that supports your entire business with the processing capabilities you need to keep your company’s computers and networks running smoothly.) In the past, business leaders hesitated to virtualize their infrastructure because they worried that multiple virtual servers running off a single physical server would tax the resources of that physical server – resulting in a large number of slow […]