Focus on the ABCs to Hire for XaaS: Part 2

Focus on the ABCs to Hire for XaaS: Part 1
February 9, 2018
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Focus on the ABCs to Hire for XaaS: Part 2

The “as a service” revolution has hit, and as a result, companies of all sizes are aggressively moving their operations to the public cloud. In the first part of this two-part article, we discussed what XaaS is, provided some examples of XaaS solutions and discussed what this trend means for your company.

We also discussed why hiring is so hard right now, especially in tech positions.

In this article, we’ll talk about hiring smart for XaaS so you can cash in on the competitive advantage these cutting-edge solutions offer.

As we said in our last article, hiring effectively for XaaS gives you two options:

  1. Hire Using the ABCs of finding Great Tech People

Savvy hiring managers are looking outside the box to find the right hires at the right cost in today’s tight job market, and they’re finding success by focusing on the ABCs: Adaptable Bright Candidates.

That means you’re looking for bright people with adaptable skillsets. Yes, they may not have the exact knowledge you’re looking for and therefore won’t pass a resume parsing program, but they’re excited to learn more and they’ll be devoted to your company.

Here are some adaptable skills you’ll want to look for in a few XaaS roles:

  • Cloud Architect

Job summary: These professionals organize your “as a service” architecture to ensure you don’t have competing or redundant applications, so you can streamline your operations and reduce your potential costs.

Good candidates for this role will be organized, have great listening skills so they can understand what your various departments want and need, they’ll be able to see the big picture and they’ll like the challenge of solving puzzles.

  • Data Scientist

Job summary: This person draws together data from the many mix-and-match XaaS applications and services you use so your company can get a deep, insightful view, on demand, of your overall and granular performance trends.

Good candidates for this role will be curious people who enjoy researching and getting to the bottom of a query. They’ll also be inveterate “customizers” who continually tweak their programs, layouts and approaches in the search for a better solution. Graphic design knowledge can be handy in this position since they’ll be building a lot of dashboards.

  • Database Administrators

Job summary: In an XaaS world, your data assumes more importance than your applications or equipment capabilities, which means you’ll need a Database Administrator to stay on top of securing and maintaining that valuable data.

Good candidates for this role are organized and enjoy checklists; they’re attentive to details and have a passion for keeping things in order. Since they’ll act as data liaisons to the rest of the company, they must be easy to get along with and effective communicators. A photographic memory could also be an asset in this position.

  • Your IT Team

Job summary: Just because you’re moving to the cloud doesn’t mean you won’t need your old standby IT team. These are the people who understand your business objectives, compliance needs and governance requirements better than anyone else, so they’ll be key negotiators for every XaaS solution you test and choose. To give them some space, you may want to consider outsourcing their daily administrative tasks to a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Good candidates for adding to your IT team will first and foremost need to get along with your existing IT team. Aside from that relationship, they’ll need confidence in their tech-learning skills, be good test takers and they should understand your industry’s compliance hurdles. They should also easily be able to understand your business objectives.

One of the keys to faster, more effective hiring in the current landscape is making sure that you and others in your company maintain an open mind during this process. For the past decade, we’ve all become used to having our choice of qualified candidates but that trend seems to be coming to an end.

These days, successful tech hiring requires changing your mindset, casting a wider net and looking for adaptable skills.

  1. Put ISG’s tech recruiters on the case

Not sure you can get by with adaptable skills? Realizing you have some very specific tech needs that can only be filled by highly specialized people? If you know you have exact programming needs that you can’t (or don’t want to) train for, you can turn to one of the leading tech recruitment firms: ISG.

At ISG, we scour the globe looking for the experts you need, then we run them through a rigorous testing process to ensure they’ll meet your requirements and fit in perfectly with your culture.

If you don’t need an in-house team or consultant, ISG can also help you with project management for on-shore or off-shore task allocation that can ensure you reach your tech goals with the agility you desire.

In short, it’s easy to hire when you have ISG on the task.

Getting Your ROI from XaaS

If you spend so much time and money searching for the perfect skills to drive your company’s digital transformation that you end up falling behind your competitors, losing out on critical XaaS opportunities or burning out your current staff, you’re unlikely to see much benefit from the XaaS revolution.

However, if you ensure that you hire as fast as possible to keep your staff working at full capacity and you focus on training your talented new hires, you’ll soon have the tech skills you need to pull ahead of your competitors and react quickly to new opportunities.

The best way to ensure you reach your expected ROI from your XaaS solutions is to hire smart. No matter who you hire, they should all have great communication skills and creative thinking skills. XaaS and the rest of the digital business world is evolving faster than ever, but well-honed communication and critical-thinking abilities will empower your new hires to discuss objectives with your business leaders and then invent effective solutions that meet your company’s needs now and in the future.

After all, in the XaaS world, anything is possible.


Are you ready to take advantage of XaaS but don’t have the energy to wade through all the thousands of applications and interviews it will take to build the right team? It’s easy to get the perfect hires for your company’s culture and needs: Simply contact ISG.