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How to Nail a Job Interview for IT

It's time to nail the job interview for IT. ISG can help show you the way.

You’ve spent hours crafting a great resume. You’ve submitted that resume to your dream workplaces. You’ve hoped and wished they’ll call you back – and now they’ve finally called! It’s time for your interview.

Worried about what they’ll ask? Not sure what they’re looking for? That’s okay. These three tips will help you nail that IT job interview, so you can look forward to passing this stage and starting your new job.


  1. Know Your Interviewer

There’s a high probability someone else your dream employer has interviewed shares the same skillset you do, so before you prove that you’ve got the skills to do the job, you need to prove you’re the right person for the job.

The number one, most important thing you must do at your interview is demonstrate that you know your interviewer. Show up at your interview ready to answer questions or comment on your potential employer’s:

  • Industry

What are the trends in this industry? What’s changed over time? Do you know what the future may look like? Share your opinions.


  • Company

Who are their clients? Who are their competitors? How has your dream company positioned themselves and why does that matter? Even if you don’t get the job this time around, the interview will be a great opportunity for you to talk about your favorite company with an insider. That’s exciting.


  • Culture

What type of worker do they value? What is the typical path to the top at this company? Show them that you’re the type of worker who will fit in well with their company and who knows how to grow professionally.

At the interview, make sure to talk with your interviewer as an industry expert would. Congratulate them on recent impressive gains they’ve made and chat about relevant news. You shouldn’t have to research this information; as an industry pro, you’ll already know it.


  1. Show Off Your Skills

After you’ve proven why you and your employer are a great fit, your next step will be to reassure your interviewer that you can handle the job. This should also be easy because you’re a skilled IT professional and you’re already comfortable with the tech skills needed for your position.

At your interview, be prepared to:

  • Present your portfolio ­

Building an app? Implementing a new system? Setting up a network? Mention your relevant work experience (but keep client names private), and provide metrics that show your success.


  • Complete a real-time demo

Prove your programming or coding skills by completing a small, knowledge-based task in real time. You know how to do this. You’ll be fine.


  • Demonstrate your problem-solving skills

Introduce your interviewer to your typical problem-solving methods by talking them through a tricky situation aloud. This helps them follow along and learn how you approach new tasks and challenges.


  • Show you’re still building your knowledge

Lifelong learning is important in the tech field. Talk about what you’re learning now, even if you don’t know everything about it or you’re just beginning your studies.


  1. Prove Your Commitment

Since you already know the industry and you have the tech skills for the job, steps 1 and 2 should be easy to accomplish. This last section will be more difficult, because it requires you to build a case about why your potential employer should choose you instead of other applicants.

Persuade your interviewer with honesty and utility.

  • Show your excitement

This is your dream job. You’ve been working toward it for a long time. Explain to your interviewer why you want to work with them and what drew you there. Be honest and your enthusiasm will make them smile.


  • Share an idea

You’re an industry expert and a skilled professional. Show your interviewer how creative you are by coming up with an interesting idea that may drive their company forward. This doesn’t have to be detailed, just something that shows you’re always thinking.


  • Leave something behind

Interviews are often scheduled back to back. Stand out with a small leave behind such as a sample of your work with a short and friendly handwritten thank you note paper-clipped to it.


Rise Above Your Competition

We’re sure you’re highly qualified for your dream job. However, others are also highly qualified for that job. If you want to stand out, you need to prove to your interviewer that you’re their best bet. Follow the tips in this article so you can arrive at your interview ready to make a favorable impression by demonstrating your knowledge, preparation, and enthusiasm.

Now go out there and rock your interview!

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