NPIDs: The Implications For Employees, Identification and Your Company’s Security

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NPIDs: The Implications For Employees, Identification and Your Company’s Security

When an employee leaves an organization, they turn in their identification badges, the company destroys them, changes all logins and all is well. Right?

Wrong, unfortunately. In some cases, this can actually become a major security risk. Beyond that personal ID, what happens to all their information, including their knowledge of any non-person IDs (NPIDs)? With access to NPIDs, confidential company information can be shared illicitly or data fraudulently accessed.

When dealing with client contact, medical or social security information, a data breach can be astronomical. Rather than deal with that fallout, taking a proactive approach to NPID data security can prevent more than just a massive headache.

No matter how many NPIDs you have to account for within an organization, having them all cataloged, with thorough detail, in a single location is imperative.

ISG’s NPID Catalog program will ensure security risk is eliminated by taking a three-pronged approach to tracking every NPID within an organization:

1. Identify all sources associated with all NPIDs.
ISG will work within the organization and with staff directly to inventory and catalog all distributed NPIDs and transfer that knowledge to staff members. ISG will match your NPIDs to other data sources to identify owners or applications associated with the NPIDs.

2. Verify NPID ownership.
If an employee requested and received an NPID, but has since left the company, who has responsibility for that NPID now? To determine this, ISG will help you organize a process linking each NPID back to its appropriate application and specific owner. Once ISG cleans and verifies the list, it becomes much easier to transition NPIDs to a current owner.

3. Clarify roles of each NPID.
Once an NPID is identified and verified, ISG can organize a process that will seek business justification for every NPID. If there is no justification identified, the NPID may be deleted.

To learn more about NPIDs and protecting your company’s data, call 630-858-8500 or email for more information.