Landing The Job: 7 Traits That Make The Difference

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Landing The Job: 7 Traits That Make The Difference

Landing the job - it's time to make it happen with these 7 key traits from ISG

Most job listings come with a list of skills and experience required for the role, giving the applicant an idea of what would be needed to perform in that position. Technical ability aside, however, recruiters are often keeping an eye out for soft skills that would make you the perfect fit for the role. Not only are they looking for someone to fill a current vacancy, but any good recruiter is seeking a candidate who has the potential to develop their career within the organization.

Below are the top personality traits recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in a candidate – as well as how to demonstrate them in an interview:

#1: Steps Out Of The Comfort Zone.
When looking for the right fit long-term, hiring managers often look for someone who can perform many functions and who aren’t hesitant to expand for the good of the team, as these are the people most likely to carve out new opportunities for themselves within the organization. This will be best demonstrated in examples you give in your interview responses, as well as your follow-up after the interview.

#2: Professionalism.
Obvious, right? Well, you’d be surprised by some candidates who tend to veer off the professional course. When in doubt, err on the side of conservative. While you can and should be friendly, stick to appropriate topics of conversation while going through the interview process. The interviewer will likely be making mental notes about how you dress, whether you arrive on time and if you are polite to the support staff.

#3: Exudes Passion Of The Highest Degree.
There’s no doubt about it. From the moment you start talking about your work, your eyes light up, your voice gets a little louder and your enthusiasm can’t be tamed. This is a good thing. Because it shows that you’re a passionate person who lets your enthusiasm spill over into everything you do, including their work. While this is important for the company, it is equally important for the job seeker to find a role they can be passionate about. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job by showing the interviewer your industry knowledge and expertise.

#4: Always Evolving.
Someone who is intellectually curious is always learning and constantly looking to better themselves. This is appealing to recruiters and hiring managers because it shows them you are not satisfied with mediocrity and it is also a sign that a candidate like yourself will be likely to grow with the company. Demonstrate this in an interview by asking thoughtful and well-researched questions to show your interviewer you’ve done your homework and have a genuine interest in the company.

#5: Totally Confident. Right Down To The Handshake.
Employers need individuals who can tackle responsibilities with confidence. Not only do confident individuals take ownership over their projects and stay at the top of their game, but these individuals tend to have what it takes to take on a leadership role – whether now or in the future. To demonstrate your confidence, pay attention to your body language. Sit up straight, make eye contact and offer a firm handshake. Be sure to speak clearly and slowly. And of course, by doing your research ahead of time, you’ll feel prepared, which is the best way to feel confident when going into an interview.

#6: High Emotional Intelligence.
This trait is nearly impossible to teach, but it is one of the most valued and sought after in job applicants. Essentially, this is the ability to recognize, manage and adapt to both their own and others’ emotions. Emotional intelligence determines a great deal about how a candidate will fit in with the co-workers and the company culture. Explain how you have handled challenges in the past, and how you’ve gotten situations under control, using examples whenever possible.

#7: Organized In All Facets.
An organized employee brings value to a team or organization in a variety of ways. From time management to leadership skills, dealing with conflicting priorities and knowing when to delegate, an organized team member often possesses good problem-solving skills and have the analytical and critical thinking capabilities to tackle tough problems while on the job. In an interview, your organization is often evaluated by whether you give clear, organized responses, as well as the questions you ask. So do some practicing – do your questions and thoughts flow logically or seem sporadic?


One of the best parts of working with ISG is that we don’t want to just place you in a role that’s a technical fit. We’re here to find a superior connection that matches you for culture, work style and types of projects you’re most likely to thrive on. It’s a deeper level of evaluation – and isn’t that worth it for a career like yours?

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