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June 15, 2015
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January 18, 2017
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5 Big Hiring Trends for 2017

The right talent is out there. Here are the hiring trends for 2017 we see at ISG to get in front of now.

The New Year is officially here, and with it comes resolutions and grand plans galore. With that, hiring managers are largely looking ahead to new hires for the upcoming year. Consider these trends for hiring in 2017.


  1. Increased Hiring

According to the report by LinkedIn, “Global Recruiting Trends 2017,” the majority of recruiters expect their hiring volume to increase over 2017, with operations and engineering being two of the top roles for which hiring managers are recruiting.

Of course, this does mean increased work for recruiters and hiring managers, but luckily, candidates will be actively pursuing new opportunities.


2. Tech Professionals on the Move

A favorable job market has many technology pros taking advantage and considering new opportunities. While many factors may be driving professionals’ desire for change, a recent survey by IT software company, Spiceworks, cited advancing technology skills, working for an organization that prioritized technology and working with a talented IT team as some of the top reasons for considering a career move.


3. More Temporary IT Staff

Just as full-time hiring will increase, so will temporary hiring for technology positions. With approximately 80 percent of workers currently being full-time to 20 percent contingent, this ratio should only be expected to shift slightly, if at all, toward temporary hires. Rather, temporary staffing will increase in tandem with full-time staffing needs.


4. Automation in Recruiting

With an increased applicant pool, as well as growing staffing needs, recruiters and hiring managers will be pressed to streamline the hiring process. Many will turn to automation. Using automation tools, recruiters can more efficiently screen, interview and schedule candidates, while also improving reporting. Not only will this reduce the time from initial job vacancy to fulfillment, it can decrease manpower costs as well.

As an added bonus, automation also removed human bias, leading to many employers reaching a goal of more diverse hiring.


5. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

With a boom in hiring, many organizations are opting to outsource particular functions or entire departments. Not only does this help save the company time and money, but it also creates an extension of the team that is laser-focused on achieving particular business outcomes. This enables the company to minimize risk and maintain business continuity, while maintaining expertise of US-led project management. It’s about Bringing The Best Together, whether onshore or offshore or even a combination of both. ISG has the service models to deliver all options.

To learn more about how to prepare for emerging trends like these in your own company, talk to ISG on how to plan for lies ahead. Call 630-858-8500 or email for more information.