Is Your Organization Built For “The Third Platform?”

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December 2, 2014
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Is Your Organization Built For “The Third Platform?”

One of the more talked about industry buzzwords has been “The Third Platform,” the rising foundation of IT built on mobile devices, cloud services, social and Big Data.

How big could the third platform become? According to a recent report by the International Data Corporation (IDC), every industry in our economy will witness 1/3 of its top 20 companies displaced by either new companies or transformed members of the top 20 who have embraced the third platform. If this prediction comes to fruition, we’re talking about quite the shakeup in a variety of markets, with new players challenging incumbents resistant to change.

As IT continues to accelerate toward this platform with companies understanding its importance, the potential impact from people who provide IT solutions is only going to grow larger.

More Influence For Developers

The shift to a new platform could mean a shift in terms of the people who influence how IT decisions are made, namely developers. The IDC sees a coming trend in 2015 in which developers in the cloud computing market will be highly coveted for their expertise. In fact, rather than the CIO making major decisions on IT, the developer within an application group will be able to design the application and present a prototype to the CIO for approval (and moving forward into procurement). In other words, developers will hold more power than ever in pushing new applications through the organization.

An Infrastructure Tug-Of-War

The balancing act for companies may come when they struggle to decide where more of their budget belongs – legacy IT systems that they’re investing in today or third platform IT solutions they may seek to invest in tomorrow. For IT talent, it only seems logical to invest more in their own skill set development toward the third platform in order to stay on top of this continued evolution. For business leaders focused on making changes in their IT operations by adopting the third platform, their degree of agility could make the difference between leading and following.


As your organization considers how to further transition through third platform technologies while addressing legacy IT system issues, take a closer look at what ISG’s talent base has to offer.

Our people have a strong familiarity with enterprise-wide applications that call upon their expertise in architecture, configuration design programming, on-going application support and data and system conversions. By bringing the best together, we can make a lot more sense of it all.

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